Traditional food in old Dhaka

Traditional food- The famous food chain of historic Dhaka started in the local and Afghan-dominated population of the Sultanate before the Mughal rule. The food culture later became perfection in the Mughal period. Under the Mughal and British rule, the Nawab’s food luxuries, hobbies, played the role of gaining excellence in the cooking of cook. As a result, they master the new food and its preparation techniques.

The cooks had an incredibly innovative ability to cook Nababi food, which was not only the Nawab, but also the respected guests who came to their court are pleased. In the local culture of Dhaka this new habit is created by the evolution and addition. In this traditional style, the Mughal food habit has a great effect on the lives of local people of Dhaka. Indigenous people of old Dhaka is the only holder and carrier of the lucrative and appetizing food system.

People of Dhaka love to eat and serve people as well as eat in ancestral and natural way. The old Dhaka people chose the process that keeps food, taste, scent and cooking process in mind. Generally following the traditional tradition of ancestors’ tradition, and dhakai food has received its unique characteristics, which have gained popularity as dhakai food.

Traditional Bakarkhani of old Dhaka Bangladesh


It is reported that this bread has been named as Bakarkhani in the name of Aga Bakar “Aga Bakir Khan”. There is also the history of the love of Bakir-Khani Begum on the name of Bakarkhani bread. It is believed that the acceptance of Bakarkhani was created in the middle of the eighteenth century. This talk is for mainly of two types of bread. One was crisp (soft) and the other was Nimsuka. At that time, instead of almond oil for the noble family, Bakarkhani was prepared by ghee.

The main ingredient in making Bakarkhani is flour, oil and salt. In addition, sweet almonds are made from cheese on the surface with cheese and sugar. Coal Oven is used to make Bakarkhani. Old residents of old Dhaka keep Bakarkhani in their daily food list and this favorite food is consumed with many items. In between sweet, sour meat, and most popular milk tea.

Polao-Biriyani of Dhaka-Delicious foods


Once upon a time, the popularity of the Cock Polao (Locally known MOROG POLAO) in Old Dhaka was very much. In the morning dawn of old Dhaka, Tehari was the first choice for breakfast. First of all, the original residents of Old Dhaka city gave priority the cock polao to serve their new guests. Along with this Mosallam, Rezala, jhal beef, jali kebab, nim kaliya, shahi pieces, pistabadadam sharbat etc. besides Bundia polao, khasir biriyani, egg corma, cow’s glossy, roast etc were also popular.

Gorur Tehari (Cow’s Tehari) is the most popular morning food of the people of old Dhaka. Even today, in the famous Haji Biryani, from the beginning till now, Tehari is served by the dried jackfruit leaf packet in the morning and afternoon, which reminds us of the day of the lost.

There are still some old traditional food establishments in the continuation of tradition throughout the old Dhaka. Haji Biriyani of Kazi Alauddin Road, Makhan Polao of Nasiruddin Sardar Lane, Buddu Biriyani of Faridabad, Jhunu Polao of Narinda , Becharam Deori Nanna Biryani, Chawkbazar Shahsahib Polao, etc.

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