Travel to Sundarban Bangladesh Tour Experience

Sundarban Tour Experience

Travel to Sundarban- It was a low cost trip into a top travel site for my life. It’s a top tourist attraction as well as it’s a local best tourist attraction for Bangladeshi people.The beautiful and serene of the Sundarban invites us to live in silence. In response to that you can also visit the forest of the biggest mangrove of the world.


The Royal Bengal Tiger lives in this forest. The forest’s different reputation is for this royal tiger worldwide.

This forest covers the coast of two populous countries like India and Bangladesh. So the first choice of tourists is Sundarban.

Sundarban Area

Why go Sundarban?

Travel to Sundarban- There are Royal Bengal Tiger to see. There are about four hundred tigers in this beautiful mysterious forest. As a number, there are the largest tigers in the world, in the forest. Tigers are very fierce, but seeing these tigers is also very rare. It does depend on your luck to see them in this forest.

Finding a Tigers is not less exciting than experiencing something amazing in the world. Unfortunately, if you do not see the tiger, you can sit in the cabin of the boat and keep looking at the forest; your time will be fascinating in a kind of dream time. You can return home with hundreds of rivers and canals beauty, which are the real experience of life.

Royal Bengal tiger

How to visit Sundarban?

Travel to Sundarban- 60 percent of the Sundarban are in Bangladesh and the remaining 40 percent in India. As a result, you can see the Sundarban from both the countries of India and Bengal. It is easy to get into the Indian part of the Sundarban. But if you want to go to the deep in the jungle, you will have to enter from Bangladesh.

Boat trip from Khulna

Travel to Sundarban- The biggest joy of mangrove is the thrill and thrilling feeling within the forest. In the Sundarban, there is a mystery and tranquility. If you want to get the peace of Sundarban, you can navigate three to four days in the forest.

Sundarban river

It is possible from Khulna that can be done very easily. By boat you will eat, sleep, and make the scope, divide into small groups and find out the tiger. They are very elite tigers, so it is difficult to see. If you walk, you will go with armed forest guards. Or, in small rivers, you can see the waves of river and also see different types of tree as like Garan, Golpata, Pashur, Keora, Sundari, Bain, Gewa, Keora, Hetal, Dhundal, etc.


Most of the Sundarban south of the vibrant areas are man free. You can see the wild variety of wild birds, striped deer, monkeys, crocodiles, dolphins, sharks, wild boars and reptiles, even if you do not meet the tigers. The bees may create different environment for you in the sanctuary of nature by roaming. Various Tours and Travels Organizations organize trips to the Sundarban.

When will you go to Sundarban?

Travel to Sundarban- The easiest and best time for the Sundarban tour is October to February. It is very cold. There may be little rain at this time. The temperature is between fifteen to 25 degrees Celsius. However, the summer rains from June to August make the green nature of the Sundarban more greenish. However, floods can bar your travel plans. And in April you can go for an experience to see of honey Collection.

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