Trump twitter- objectionable tweet flags

Trump twitter- Donald Trump’s tweet is again objected to by Twitter.

Twitter has once again objected to US President Donald Trump’s tweet. In that objectionable tweet, Trump wrote – then Democrats are now using mail drop boxes, which is a kind of voter security disaster. Among other things, they are arranging for one person to vote more than once. And who controls them, are they from Republican and Democrat areas? They are not covid clean. Big fraud!

Trump twitter

According to Twitter, US President Donald Trump has violated the rules of “politeness and electoral correctness” in this tweet.

That’s why the microblogging site Twitter has flagged the tweet about the mail drop box.


At the same time, Twitter wrote that it would be right to maintain access to this tweet in the public interest.

In fact, Democrats are backing the “mail drop box” process as a reliable alternative so that voters can safely participate in the US election in Covid-19.

But Republican Trump is reluctant to accept the process as safe.

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