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The night of Pattaya, Thailand is like ‘another world’!  Most amazing Thailand visiting places in Pattaya attract foreigners to stay for recreation. If someone asks you a question, why go to Pattaya? There is nothing to be surprised by the question. Because, tourists from all over the world go to Pattaya for two reasons. Firstly, enjoy the beauty and secondly, get girl friend. This place has become another world because of the second reason!

Pattaya is located just 200 kilometers from Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Pattaya is one of the few tourist destinations in Thailand that tourists know about. It is the honeymoon spots in Asia. Nightclubs, restaurants, beaches – everything is the same.

The British newspaper The Sun and The Daily Mirror described Pattaya as the ‘sex capital of the world’. Although Thailand is furious at the news! But the truth is, the actual number of sex workers there is much more than 27,000. Human rights activists in Thailand believe that there is no solution to the problem by blindly denying the reality and repressing sex workers.

Many may answer that I will go to see the scenery or go on vacation. Even if they go for a good purpose, many people get involved in sex for money. With Sunset on Pattaya Walking Street, it seems, the day has just begun. Somewhere English, somewhere Thai and somewhere Hindi-Arabic songs are playing. Live shows are going on in the bars. Girls line up on both sides of the road only in an effort to attract customers.

Things to do in Pattaya

However, Pattaya means sex, it is wrong to think so. It’s better you can skip Walking Street and visit more different places. You can enjoy all kinds of entertainment by turning the whole page. You can also enjoy horseback riding, motorcycle riding competitions, tennis, going to Pattaya Park, enjoying the water park, visiting the elephant pens, visiting the village of Nong Nooch, visiting the Orchid Nursery, visiting the art center and cultural exhibitions.

Anyone can do who wants to enjoy the sea with natural breath in a deckchair under a garden umbrella on the beach in Pattaya. There is a divine arrangement of entertainment all over the beach. Numerous restaurant-bars, restaurants along the beach will also serve all the tempting dishes of King Lobster, Tiger Prawn. From Beach Road the speedboat reaches a platform deep in the ocean. There are paragliding facilities from here. The ferry can be reached from Co-Learn Island. Snorkeling is also available on Coral Island. According to locals, there is nothing to see during the day in Pattaya. However, tourists from western countries take sun baths on the beach during the day.

Pattaya is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Thailand with over 40 billion visitors a year. In addition to the beach and Walking Street, Coral Island is one of the most scenic places in Thailand.

Pattaya, Thailand, known as the capital of sex. Besides, the whole of Thailand has a reputation for sex tourism. And because of the curfew imposed by Corona, about 30,000 sex workers in the country are in trouble this time.

7 destinations on the Thailand travel list

Beaches, mountains, national parks full of wildlife, modern cities – what is not in Thailand? Any tourist will find something of his choice in Thailand visiting places. In this post, I will talk about some of the tourist areas of Thailand.


Bangkok is one of the busiest cities in the world. You should go to Bangkok once in a lifetime whether it is for sightseeing or for food. There are numerous cultural and historical attractions in this city. There are skyscrapers, modern architecture, beautiful art galleries and museums. In addition to the traditional megamall, there is also the traditional floating market. There is also a wide variety of food arrangements. You can try the street food alongside the luxurious gourmet restaurant. But fear not, they don’t make food carelessly. Bangkok at night will give you the opportunity to entertain with the day. There are nightclubs, live music, cocktail bars, rooftop bars, wrestling clubs called Mua Thai Fights and many more. The transport system of the city is also excellent – BTS sky train, MRT subway train, numerous buses, and taxis. With any type of budget, you can get accommodation at the Bangkok.

Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is an area of buildings at the center of Bangkok, Thailand. The Grand Palace is one of the most beautiful architectural monuments in Bangkok. The monastery of this palace, surrounded by four walls, was built by King Rama I. In the courtyard of the Grand Palace is the Wat Kayo or Emerald Buddha. The emerald green Buddha statue is the main building of the temple. There are also pavilions for the coronation, royal ornaments and coins, royal attire, things used in the royal court, etc.

2.Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is said to be the northern capital of Thailand. This city is an intoxicating combination of culture and nature. Chiang Mai may be the first choice for those interested in culture. Because there are more than 500 temples here. Chiang Mai’s nocturnal zoo will enchant children as well as adults. There are opportunities for hiking in the beautiful jungle and rafting on the river. The highest point in Thailand is Doi Inthanon in Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is a wonderful place for mountain tribes, numerous waterfalls, and Thai elephant sanctuaries. Chiang Mai is a bit quieter at night than Bangkok. However, this does not mean that you have to stay in a hotel. There are numerous bars and night markets for shopping where you will find a variety of traditional Thai accessories


Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and one of the most popular tourist destinations. Phuket is said to be a multifaceted island. Some people come here just to enjoy the night with the entertainers. Some come to enjoy water sports. But honestly there are different beaches here for people of any taste. You can choose from Freedom Beach, Wood Beach, Karon Beach. You can go to Promthep Cape to watch the sunset.

Even you can watch world class wrestling at Muay Thai Fight Club. Almost all types of restaurants, bars, and clubs in the world can be found in Phuket. Apart from hiking, go karting, elephant poaching, fishing, snorkeling, jet skiing; there are many more fun things to do. Among the man-made attractions are Wat Chalong and Big Buddha. Don’t forget to visit the city on the beach. Here you will see all the nice old installations. You can go to Ban Tilanka and Phuket Tricky Museum to take all the funny pictures.

4. Ayutthaya

For fans of history, Ayutthaya is the oldest city in Thailand visiting places listed by UNESCO. Getting from Bangkok to Ayutthaya is quite easy. The view of the ancient artistic ruins of this city will take you to the golden age of Siam. Wat Yai Chai Moncorn, surrounded by rows of Buddhist statues dressed in saffron sheets, is the most photogenic place in the city. If you want, you can climb the small domes. The Wat Mahathat temple with the head of a Buddhist statue covered in tree roots is very popular. There is also Wat Ratchaburana. You can visit Old Dutch and Portuguese areas from time to time. You can go to the floating market for light shopping. If you know how to ride a bicycle or ride a trip to Ayutthaya, it is wise to rent a scooter.


Thailand visiting places- Krabi is one of the most popular provinces in southern Thailand. Krabi should be your first choice if you want to travel to the mainland of Thailand as well as the island together. Ko Phi Phi Island is considered to be the most beautiful island in Thailand. To understand why it is called the most beautiful island you have to go to “Maya Bay” and “Phi Phi View Point”. Ko Lanta is famous for its long sandy beaches, beach bars, mangrove forests, and the Macon community (C. gypsy). Animal lovers can spend time working at Lanta Animal Welfare as volunteers. If you want to spend some secluded time, you can go to the little known Ko Zoom and Ko Rock Island. The mainland has railways, Ao Nang Beach Resort and Krabi Town.

6. Mae Hong Son

The location of the somewhat remote mountainous Mae Hong Son provinces is in northern Thailand. The number of tourists in this area is low. Some foreign tourists can be seen in the urban areas of the province. Due to its proximity to the Myanmar border, the province has a predominance of Shan people. You can go to this province to enjoy the beautiful nature and architecture. Those who love the tranquil environment of nature should go to a place called Pai in this province. Pai is called the paradise of vagabonds. Attractions in the area include Pai canyons, waterfalls, hiking, boat trips on the river, and more.

7. Ko Pha Ngan

Ko Pha Ngan is popular for dancing and partying on full moon nights. On the other hand, there is a natural attraction. “Haad Rin” is the most popular place to party. If you are a nature lover, you will find quiet beaches, old waterfalls, and lush forests in a little distance from the crowd. You can go to the night markets to fill your stomach with delicious food at low cost. If you want to learn cooking, you can go to any cooking school. Spend some time at the Meditation and Yoga Center to find your lost peace of mind.

Bangkok nightlife – clubs, shows, entertainment

Active life does not hinder Bangkok day or night. At night Bangkok is famous worldwide for its clubs, bars, insulting events, noise discs, great restaurants. Bangkok’s rich and diverse nightlife is unmatched in the world.

If you are the first in the Thai capital and are planning an active night entertainment, think: Where to go in Bangkok, you must read in advance the information about the topics of interest. Here the city has a variety of recreational places spread throughout the city, but Bangkok has several major and most lively and popular nightlife centers:

Red light district Bangkok

Thailand visiting places- Patpong is located in the Silom Street area of the local Red Light District. It covers two small street areas, Tourists often call it a “night attraction” and spend a long time here happily. The area is famous for its bars, the most diverse, and massage parlors. The most interesting tourist bars consider Madrid, Crown Royal, Leopard Group, Cosmos.here the Patpong night market is located.

Popular and rhubarb lounges and bars, located at the very beginning of Patpong. Here you can lie down on happy beds, sun beds and soft sofas. Guests are offered a variety of adult massages, hookahs, alcohol.

There are quiet places on Patpong. For example, Irish Pub O’Reilly’s Irish Pub, Bar Barbican. If you’re interested in billiards, and you’re wondering what to do tonight, visit the Red Parap, the Vietnam War or other old offices. Silom Street itself is a recognized Thai Wall Street. And from nightfall, she opens her bars, restaurants, and clubs – here, too, full of active nightlife.

The restaurants on Patpong and Silom Streets are very popular among foreigners. If you plan to relax in these areas, you should know that they are located near metro stations: BTS (ground) – Sala Deing and MRT (underground) – Silom.

Popular recreational places

Thailand visiting places- The Nan Plaza district, located at the beginning of Sunabmit Road, is considered one of Bangkok’s most visited areas at night. Most famous entertainment venues: Pleschool, Mandarin, Rock Hard, Carnival Silver, Rainbow Bar, Hollywood Rock.

Soi Cowboy, located at the end of Sukhumvit Road. You can get here by ground train depart from Bangkok Metro (BTS), Sukumbit Station or Nan Station. Soi Cowboy Street is a small street in the heart of the capital known as the Red-Light District.

On both sides, it is bounded by the streets of Asok and Soi 23. It offers a wide selection of nightclubs here and various entertainment venues in the city.

Soi cowboy Bangkok

The most famous nightclub – Baker. This brilliantly lit two-story building h – will not pass by you. His outline: Go-go, striptease, once a week – foam team. The highlight of the club is a transparent ceiling-floor between floors. Prices for alcoholic beverages – from 180 baht (, 5.2), dinner for two with alcohol – will cost you an average of 1000 baht ($ 29). However, the entrance of the organization is free.

Go Go Dollhouse Bar

Thailand visiting places- Go Go Dollhouse Bar is a “dollhouse” filled with local “girls”. If you are fascinated by reckless, groovy night entertainment: a ping-pong show, you – the most famous and popular go-bar in Bangkok.

During the day, there are lots of establishments, modern big shopping and entertainment centers and expensive hotels on the happy streets. And early in the evening open a variety of traditional bars, restaurants, Bangkok’s nightclubs.

Q-Bar Thailand

Thailand visiting places-The most popular is Q-Bar, which has gained a reputation as a fashionable and sophisticated company that presents good dance music. The bar often invites world-renowned DJ and popular bands. Representatives of local elites and foreign celebrities among the regulars of the bar; Russian-speaking tourists also like to come here.

The club is equipped with a unique stage that performs musical groups around the world. And local and invited DJs will give you insane music in a variety of styles.

Club Culture The updated version of the Thai Classical Theater is located on Khaosan Road. Various ceremonies are held here, famous musicians are invited. The club regularly hosts various themed evenings; Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable. Loud music and a pleasant atmosphere guaranteed.

And near the BTS metro station, there is an outdoor area equipped with a beach version on RathTV – Coco Walk. In the center is a large Thai-style barbecue. For 99 baht (3 3), you can go to picnic tables and taste unlimited amounts of cooked food. And the bars around the tables, there is a small cozy institution that provides a rich entertainment program. This place is very popular among Thai youth. If you go down Rathetevi Street, you will soon see a rock pub.

Royal City Avenue focuses on an all-night entertainment complex with lots of discs, attracting lots of bright spotlights for adults and stylish music, bars, clubs, massage parlors. It opened a one-night stand – RCA House Cinema.

The most popular venues in the Royal City are Route 66 808, which is frequented by local students, Slim & Flix, Baroque and 808 Club. Given the opportunity to play billiards to listen to normal music, Cosmic Bar is known as a quiet alternative to nightlife.

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