7 Small Business Tips to Make Conference Productive

Small Business Tips- Most of us have experienced an unnecessary meeting or conference at one point in our work-life or the other. Some of you may also travel across the country to attend the meeting.

Statistics suggest that almost half of the time is wasted in meeting for any business whether the one-on-one meetings or the group meetings. It is implied that almost 25% of the working period is covered by one type of meeting or the other.

But you must understand that the meetings are not any kind of devil. The conferences happens to be a necessary tool for idea ting, processing and discoing new ventures. But they must be managed and used in an effective manner.

Small Business Tips to Make Conference

Here are some ways of enhancing the efficiency and improving the productivity of the conference time. Just take a look.

Have Well-Devised and Clear Agenda

A meeting or conference without a clear-cut purpose often creates confusion and a lot of time is wasted in it. That is why you should never hold a meeting without an agenda. For making things easier, you should prepare a clear agenda with the key issues for discussion within the meeting and sort them out according to the needs of the business. Also you should clearly mention the role that you expect from each and every participant in the morning. You should also seek the acknowledgements from all the people who are participating. You should use the Google Calendar for setting the automated meeting reminders.

Understand Whether the Meeting is Necessary

A majority of the conferences when thought in retrospect turn out to be not necessary.  There are several other ways to achieve the similar goal. By circulating a memo, you can achieve your purpose many-a-times. You can speak to people in an individual manner. Also You can postpone your conference to a different timing altogether. If the conference is not essential, you do not need to arrange it right then.  Again, you also need to ask whether it is necessary for everyone to attend the conference. If someone can do without it, then you can tell him or her that it is not mandatory for them to attend the meeting.

business time
business time

Appoint a Conference Moderator

Without appointing a moderator, it is most likely that your conference will go off-track. You can control the proceedings of the conference by appointing the moderator. Nobody is allowed to speak without the permission of the moderator and she is responsible for keeping the speakers on focus.  This is especially the case with the online conferences as there are high chances of a communication gap because of the audio-video quality and the internet connectivity.

Reduce the Time of the Conference

If you call for face-to-face conference, you should try to block out much less time for the same.  Nevertheless, you could also analyse the conference that you are going to have and monitor at what point the level of concentration of drops of the attendees. So, if you can limit your conference timing within that, it can be more productive.

Assign the Specific Responsibility

If you have made up your mind, you should assign the responsibility for the specific actions that you have agreed upon and you should set the deadlines accordingly. You should keep it in mind that discourse and assignment, without any responsibility assignment and a completion deadline, is merely a conversation. That is why you should be clear about who is doing what and when.

Decrease the Distractions

The distractions can simply lead to gaps in communication in case of conferences. For reducing that, you should make sure that all the participants are sitting in a well-illuminated and closed space with a clean ambiance. If it is an online conference, you must start using a collar mic and headphones instead of the laptop mike so that the miscommunication can be reduced.

Restore the Notes and Circulate Minutes

One of the best ways to gain maximum from the meetings is to retain the accurate notes and to circulate the minutes of the meeting within the twenty-four hours. The person keeping the precise minutes from the meeting can be dragged out a month later which can solve a lot of potent misunderstandings. The agendas, that are prepped in advance followed by the conference meets shortly after, help in ensuring that everyone is clear about the responsibilities and the deadlines that are agreed upon.

Just like opting for the conference furniture hire assists in creating the right decor for your conference, similarly the above tips will help in making your conference the most productive.

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