Women education in Bangladesh

Women are now-a-days as important as men in society. Bangladesh is an over-populated country and half of our populations are the women. So there can be no denying the fact that they too posses equal rights and duties as men. If they get proper opportunity or their safety their power will bloom fully.

No nation can prosper keeping half of their population illiterate. The progress of the nation is not at all possible without women who are the half of the state. Now women are taking part in different occupations. Most of the people of our country are illiterate and many of them are the women. Garments are the most contributing industries in the development of our country. Though women are not much educated they can participate or work in the Garment sector. It is a matter of joy that about 90% of the Garments workers are the women. It also increases national revenue.

Present situation of Women education in Bangladesh

Recently we can see that women are taking education and working in different offices. We have women social workers too. They are contributing to the social development of our country. By getting higher education they can be teacher, doctor, banker, etc. Thus large number of women is contributing to the development of nation. Moreover it is said that, “a woman or a mother is the first teacher of a child.” So women education is mostly needed in our country.

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Writer: Afrin Jahan, Tejgoan Govt. Girls High School, Dhaka.

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