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Women in Dhaka City- Dhaka is the Capital of Bangladesh highly populated and busy city. Every day so many people come here to find their Job or for other official works. So much unemployment is very common here. Many students couldn’t even find any job and the number is increasing, but city life expenses are. And the female students are suffering more than male students. Lack of job, job location distance, job salary, working time duration, security issues, sexual harassment, unfriendly working environment, etc are main factors for female students. Situation is more unpleasant than we can imagine. The unemployment of female graduates is 2.5 times more than male Graduates. 

On the other hand, for the reason of high expenses the city is losing our traditional joint families. There is a growing change in conventional family structures and we are seeing a rapid shape-shifting in the Bangladeshi family today. And single families are taking the place.  Here so many families are facing some common problem to manage or taking care of their babies during working hours. About 30 thousand women are working as managerial level and about 5 lack women are working as professionals.  And due to not having any opportunity or not getting any help to taking care of their babies they are forced to quit their job.


work as Nanny

In this situation we found smooth and easy way of solution for both the unemployed female graduates and for the working women with babies. The female graduates can easily work as Nanny besides their studies, and it could be all hassle free than other available jobs in Dhaka.

Here we are interested to design this Nanny Service those working women and the graduate females which will be Dhaka based only.


1. For instance, the number of girl students in public universities almost doubled to 159,472 in 2016 from 2009.

2. The unemployment rate among female graduates is about 2.5 times more than their male counterparts: 16.8 percent, according to Quarterly Labor Force Survey (QLFS) 2015-16 by Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.

3. Women in Dhaka CityLack of safety and security, sexual harassment and violence against women, unfriendly work environment and women’s preference to do certain kinds of jobs are also blamed for high unemployment among the educated female workforce. “There is evidence that employers tend to have a bias against women in white-collar occupations because they are perceived to come with some costly extra burden, irrespective of whether such a burden is real,” said Zahid Hussain, lead economist of the World Bank’s Dhaka office.

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