25 most dangerous dog breeds

Most dangerous Dog breeds

Dog breeds- Dogs are the favorite animal of human beings. Yet there are very few terrifying creatures on earth like dogs. If they attack the way, they really become terrible.

But it should also be noted that all domesticated dog breeds on earth try to please their lord. Pet dogs attack only when they are not properly trained or abused.

Dog breeds- Experts from different countries talk about 25 breeds of dogs, which are quite risky to keep at home. And you have to be very careful to feed them. So let’s take a look at the 25 most dangerous breeds of dogs in the world.

Get to know the top 25 breeds of dogs in the world

There are 25 breeds of dogs, which are quite risky to keep at home. You have to be very careful to feed them. So let’s take a look at the 25 most dangerous breeds of dogs in the world.

Number 25- Tosa Inu (Japan)

Dog breeds- Tosa Inu (Japan)
Tosa Inu (Japan)

This hybrid dog was made in Japan to play dog fighting. This huge dog of huge size was created as a result of crossbreeding of English bulldogs, bull terriers, St. Bernard, Great Dane, German pointers with the dogs of ‘Tosa’ breed of Japan. Tosa Inu is extremely aggressive and stubborn. This dog is banned in many parts of the world.

American Bandogge (America)

American Bandogge
American Bandogge

This Dog breeds, a combination of the American Pit Bull Terrier, the English Mastiff and the Napoleon Mastiff, was created primarily for defense and safety. Later it was used in dog fights. This has full of great confidence and vitality. However, when excited, he attacks terribly.

Cane Corso (Italy)

Dog breeds- Cane Corso
Cane Corso (Italy)

The Dog breeds are strong and muscular. Quietly, but they love kids very much. But terribly sometimes they aggressive towards strangers. A dog breed called Canis pugnax was used by the Romans during the war. These are his descendants. So that murderous mood can be seen in Kenny Corso.

Bull Terrier (England)


Bull terriers are famous for their large oval heads. This powerful dog breed is very aggressive. The hybrid is a combination of the Old English Bulldog and the Old English Terrier for hunting animals and wildlife that are harmful to farm crops. Always on guard to save the Lord. However, when you see strangers, you get terribly excited. Then it becomes difficult to hold them.

Rhodesian Ridgeback (Zimbabwe)


This Dog breeds were created primarily for hunting by combining hounds from the African country of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and greyhounds from Europe. If they are with you, even the lion will not flock to that place. They are dangerous if you don’t use them well and don’t mix with people and don’t train properly. Because they are very sensitive in all matters.

Dogo Argentino (Argentina)


Giant white muscular dog made from a combination of Cordoba Dog and Great Dane breeds. This species was created to hunt wild pigs, wild bears and even puma. Although this very powerful dog is not so dangerous to humans, it is ruthless towards other animals, especially other dog species. So petting this dog is legally prohibited in Britain.

Boerboel (South Africa)


This is South African giant hybrid dog. Crops of cross-breed of South African Frontier, Blood Hound, Stag Hound, Gray Hound, Bulldog, Various Terriers and Mastiffs. This deadly offensive dog breed was originally created to provide security to farm houses in Africa. They have no pair to find prey or secretly chase after anyone. They are very good at biting the injured victim on the ground.

Gal Dog (India and Pakistan)


This unusually strong and tough looking dog breed was bred in British India as a result of the European Cheek Terrier and India’s ‘Bully Dog’ hybridization. This dog is still used in dog fighting in Pakistan. Once you start attacking, it is very difficult to handle.

Basenji (Central Africa)


Hunting dogs of unusual speed in Africa. When they see the prey, they do not leave without seeing its end. Extremely careful, curious and in need of the owner’s love. But do not leave strangers. No matter how much training is given, everyone forgets and attacks. It is almost impossible to keep them calm with training.

St. Bernard dog (Italy and Switzerland)

St. Bernard dog

The giant dog originated in the Swiss and Italian Alps. The real job is to help people in animal husbandry and to be a partner in hunting. This species has become a legend by rescuing people from various accidents in the Alps. They have to mix with people at a young age. Mix with unfamiliar and other dogs. Otherwise danger will happen.

American Bulldog (America)

Dog breeds- Adult-White-and-Tan-American-Bulldog

This breed is strong and muscular dog. This species was created for the security of the owner’s property, farm work and to repel bears. Thus the species is friendly to humans. However, due to their unusual confidence in themselves, they often attack without thinking back and forth. He is always ready to fight with an animal many times bigger than himself.

Great Dane (Germany)

Dog breeds- Great-Dane

There is a record of a dog of this breed as the tallest dog in the world. The height of the dog was 44 inches. This seemingly serious and confident dog was used to hunt wild pigs and deer. But once the mood is bad it holds horrible idols.

Phila Brasilia dog (Brazil)

Phila Brasilia dog
Phila Brasilia dog

Skilled to find something lost. Extremely brave, aggressive and determined. Strong, intelligent and sporty dog but very angry. So sometimes it gets out of control. This dog is banned in Britain, Israel, Denmark, Norway, Malta and Cyprus.

Perro-de-Presa Canario (Canary Islands)

Perro-de-Presa Canario
Perro-de-Presa Canario

This dog pet was started to look after the animals on the ranch. This dog is very skeptical. Severely aggressive towards other dogs and strangers. Very intelligent and strong, this dog fights with other dogs all the time. You have to feed and train to be compelled at a very young age. There are many examples of the Lord dying from its bite.

Boxer (Germany)

Dog breeds- Boxer (Germany)
Boxer (Germany)

Not characteristically aggressive. But dog breeds was responsible for 48 deaths from 1982 to 2012. They are lively and love to play. Full of excitement, this species loves to keep its head high at all times. As a result, there is no such thing as a terrible dog.

Slovakia Wolf Dog (Slovenia)

Dog and wolf hybrid. It is impossible to guess their nature. This agile and fearless breed of dog is not easily domesticated. Once you start running after the prey, don’t leave without seeing the blood. Keeping these dogs away from society and children has been banned in many countries.

Doberman Pinscher (German)

The world is famous for its agility, alertness, devotion and intelligence. According to many, they are the best guard dogs in the world. But with a little persuasion and the possibility of damaging the Lord’s family and property, he becomes incredibly aggressive. Towards strangers and other dogs too. Police and army of different countries use them.

Husky (North Pole)

This dog is the constant companion of the people of the snow-covered region of Alaska, Siberia in the northern part of the world. This hardworking dog pulls the sled at a frantic pace. Mana Balga guards the herd. Participates in hunting, adventure and trekking. This dog breed is dangerous for small animals. Ready to attack all the time. The victim is the first to be put to death.

Alaskan Malamute

Associated with the Siberian husky dog. This dog needs to be exercised daily. Otherwise it is annoying. They also pull sleds and hunt. But they are very disobedient and destructive. They are very independent, so it is very difficult to train them. Not very reliable as a guard.

Rottweiler (Germany)

Extremely strong and formidable fighting species. They can become dangerous at any time. Very good guard and Lord devotee. However, if not observed properly, it behaves horribly. Dogs of the Rottweiler breed are banned in Poland, Romania, Portugal and Ireland.

German Shepherd (Germany)

We know it as Alsatian. Intelligent, confident, always alert and courageous, this dog is used to make K-9 units of police in different countries. They are very conservative towards the Lord’s family. When the Lord’s family sees the slightest danger, they jump without the Lord’s command.


Top breeds of dogs in the world

worldwide most dangerous breeds of dogs

Pit Bull (England)

This hybrid breed of dog was created to survive from the hands of bulls and bears. But dogs are kept in different parts of the world for fighting. It has been found that 40-45 percent of dogs of this species attack humans. And 70 percent of the victims are children. It is considered the most dangerous dog in America.

Tibetan Mastiff (Tibet)

Extremely strong, independent and influential dog breed in the mountainous region of Tibet. Protecting the Lord’s pet sheep from wolves, bears and tigers. But dangerous to strangers. In the question of occupying the area, their horrible idols forced all the animals to leave the area.

Caucasian Abhisarika dog (Russia)

Also called Caucasian Shepard. If you can keep a pet, you are good at protecting your pet. But if not properly trained and accustomed to interacting with people, they are deadly dangerous. Because they don’t pay much attention to people. He attacked before he could save himself.

Chow Chow (China)

Dog breeds are the danger of strangers. This dog holds terrible idols to protect the Lord from danger. They have to be kept in a separate room. Rose wants their physical exercise every day. High-risk dogs, so they are rarely domesticated. In many cases, you have to get insurance before adopting a pet. Dogs of this breed were the cause of death of 238 people from 1979 to 1998.

Largest dog breeds in the world

Dog breeds are growing in abundance in the world. Big dogs are great for owners and protectors of the owner, guardians of the area, hunters and at the same time they are great companions that can become a real favorite of all family members. Among the largest dog breeds there is a real monster whose appearance is able to surprise our imagination.

Below are blogs of the largest dogs that will give you a description of the appearance of each breed and their main qualities. On top of the largest dogs, each breed has the main features and will help you decide on the choice of future pets.

The English Mastiff

The world’s largest dog breed is the English Mastiff. As a result of the development of the Great Dane and the Irish Wolfhounds, the Mastiffs surpassed them significantly in weight. The average height of the English Mastiff is 70-92 cm, weight can be 110 kg. There is even a representative of this variety, which weighs 156 kg!

The English Mastiff is a brave, peaceful and balanced dog. Looking at the photos of this dog you can think that the dog is extreme and dangerous. In fact, Mastiff’s character is quite soft and flexible, which makes it possible to even make a nanny for a baby.

The cruelty and barbarism of the first representatives of the breed used in dog fighting in England were excluded in the process of developing their character masts. The variety is remarkably smart. Mastiffs have calmed down even deadpan dogs that like the comfort of home and don’t trim for any reason. If something bothers the dog, it will retire perfectly, like a real English gentleman.

Great Dane – The world’s highest breed of dog

The highest breed of dog is the Great Dane. Listed in the Guinness Book of Records, the world record for growth belongs to a Michigan dog named Zeus. His height was 112 centimeters! Previous record holder George was just 2 centimeters behind him.

Great Dane – A great companion, a watchman, bodyguard, escort, able to play the role of security guard. By nature, it is a loyal, cheerful dog, calm and confident. Great Dane loves kids, plays with them happily and can even become a true verse. The dog is able to capture the owner’s mood, as if he had communicated with him on a telepathic level.

Great Dane needs physical activity, so he needs regular walks. In the city, you can only walk with a litter dog, as a free-running giant dog that is not harmed by pedestrians can scare them.

Irish Wolfhound – The largest hunting dog

The Irish Wolffound, in addition to the large scale, has hunting temperament and great work qualities. The very name of the “wolf cub” speaks to its purpose: this name was used for hunting wolves. Nowadays, this hound has become a companion and pet.

The peculiarity of the temperament of the Irish wolfhound is the loyalty and friendship of the homeowner and the inhabitants, which is combined with excitement and aggression for the criminals. Experts, however, do not recommend training Irish wolfhounds as home guards and accompanying them on defensive and guard duties. Wolfound’s aggression cannot be encouraged, as this kind of dog will become dangerous both around him and for himself.

Raising the Irish Wolfhound is easy, thanks to quick wit. But sometimes you have to repeat your training course for the dog to grow slowly. The dog doesn’t pick about the restraining conditions: it can have a warm booth and an enclosure in an apartment. But in any case, you have to keep in touch with your dog.

Newfoundland – The world’s largest and most magical dog

A good monster is called a Newfoundland breed of dog. It is one of the few species that can run into a person in danger. The dog’s kindness and manners make it an ideal guide. Newfoundland is ideal for families with children and the youngest. This innate dog will never hurt a child through negligence. Newfoundland can keep any other animal at home; he will be friends with everyone.

The variety is a bit troublesome when it comes to hair care. The dog needs to be scratched at least 2-3 times a week; otherwise it will have itchy skin and dermatitis.

Newfoundland needs physical activity, so you need to walk with him regularly. With caution, you need to walk with a dog near the pond during the swimming season. By instinct, even if it doesn’t drown, the dog will run to save people from the water.

St. Bernard – the most famous and popular big dog

If a person is asked about the biggest dog, he will probably name it St. Bernard, who is known to many in the movie “Beethoven”. It is the most popular and famous dog of huge size. St. Bernard is a smart and obedient dog, loyal to the owner, calm and quiet. Voice cast is just the last resort. Thus, upon hearing the bark of St. Bernard, the owner just then feels that some extraordinary situation has arisen.

St. Bernard needs to contact the owner. He can’t stay alone for long. You need to spend specific time with the dog every day. Moreover, he doesn’t need a quick run, just walk quietly down the street with a dog on the gallows.

The lineage has a soft, dense coat. However, it is not very difficult to take care of it, as St. Bernard’s coat is practically unmixed and capable of self-cleaning. You should bathe the dog every 3-4 months. During milking, the dog needs to be combed every day.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog – the most common breed of large dog in Russia

The most popular large dog breed among Russians is the Caucasian Shepherd. Historical this ancient species of the Caucasus Mountains of the homeland is used to protect livestock and habitat. The shepherd can be a reliable watchman and bodyguard. However, subject to proper education. If this dog is not raised properly and at a very young age, a beautiful puppy-teddy bear will turn into an uncontrollable monster and not recognize the owner within you.

By nature, the Caucasian shepherd is a calm, balanced dog. At the same time, the shepherd treats strangers with distrust and will never miss their territory. If you live in a country house, there is no better guard than this. The main principle of keeping Caucasians is strict discipline: feeding for hours, obeying orders.

However, cruelty and rudeness should not be allowed in the care of this dog. If the dog does not respect the owner, it is only afraid of him, one day, when he grows up and becomes strong, he will leave the deposit. Then the owner of the monster is punished for contempt!

Neapolitan Mastiff – the largest breed of service dogs

The largest dog in the service group is the Neapolitan Mastiff or Neapolitan Mastino. The picture of this dog even has a great dazzling look that can say nothing of impressions. Which he finds himself in the unexpected audience of a house. Dogs have excellent protection and guarding qualities. Moreover, according to the nature of the breed, it is friendly, kind and sociable and has a close sensitive connection with its owner. When a family or territory is in danger, the guardian instinct wakes up in a dog.

The Neapolitan Mastiff has a sharp and strong memory, so he can independently assess the situation and decide what action to take. This dog will never attack at first but it will not tolerate any strangers in its area and in the vicinity of its owner.

An important factor in controlling the behavior of the Neapolitan Mastiff is his proper education from an early age. During training, cruel methods and rudeness cannot be used, otherwise the dog will grow nervous and become almost uncontrollable.

Akita Inu – the largest and most loyal dog

Virtually all dogs are more or less loyal to their owners. However there are some breeds where the sensitive connection with the owner is particularly close. The most devoted dog of a large breed is considered to be Akita Inu. A representative of this breed, the nicknamed Hachiko, who waited for his master for 9 years, gained worldwide recognition.

The character of this dog has been compared to a samurai. This dog is outwardly calm, unbalanced and non-violent, although inside it is quite emotional and has a warmer temperament than that. Akita Inu is restrained in expressing emotions, but in infinite love with the owner.

At the same time, the dog should be playful and proud and show patience, perseverance and strategy in its upbringing. The rudeness and extra pressure in training will cause Akita Inu to stop the dog and start ignoring orders.

Life and health of big dogs

Not everyone decides to keep a really big pet. This is quite normal, because a big dog:

It will need a lot of space to survive; you will not be able to walk with it in any ordinary apartment.

He will have serious nutritional requests that will not be so easy to deliver.

Training plays a special role, as it can have serious consequences for animal aggression or inappropriate behavior.

Seeing a huge dog with the owner on the side of the road reminds many of their own childhood, they feel nostalgia because every dog seems huge. However, is it so easy to own this kind of animal – and the largest dog? There is a flip aspect to this issue.

Demonism does not allow the animal to live long, because due to the heavy burden, the body suffers and ages at an increased rate in its muscular system. A large animal needs special conditions; otherwise it has to endure constant difficulties – such as its owners. So, great growth and weight is not only a luxury, but also a burden and it’s like thinking twice before starting a big dog.

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