Joe Biden running mate- Kamala Harris attracts Hindu vote

US presidential candidate Joe Biden is trying to attract Hindus to vote

Joe Biden running mate- Hindu Americans in the United States are with him. US presidential candidate Joe Biden has started campaigning with such slogans. He wants to draw the Hindu vote bank towards himself by raising the issue of racism and bigotry. The Biden Campaign slogan is Hindu Americans for Biden.

Biden is seeking votes from more than two million Hindus

Biden is seeking votes from more than two million Hindus in the United States. His camp announced a special event on Tuesday. The event was announced by Raja Krishnamurthy, an Indo-American Congressman from Illinois. It is reported that the Hindus for Biden program is going to be held on Thursday.

On August 14, the current US President Donald Trump launched a special campaign, Hindu Voice for Trump, to win the Hindu vote. Joe Biden entered the competition 14 days later. November 3 presidential election in the United States. His campaign has already begun in earnest. Democratic candidates Joe Biden and Indo-American Kamala Harris are competing with Republican candidates President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. However, this is the first time that the US presidential election is giving so much importance to the Hindu vote. Both parties are desperate to get over 20 lakh Hindu votes. In 2016, which is one percent of the total population of America.

Joe Biden running mate- These Hindus are the fourth largest religion in the United States. But before that, there was a fight between the Muslim vote and the Jewish vote in the United States. Murli Balaji, a correspondent for Hindu Americans for Biden, said Joe Biden would raise the issue of Hindus in America, which has not yet been heard. So he is hopeful that Hindus will rely on him.

Kamala Harris twitter tweets

Kamala Harris tweets to get attraction American Hindus. She regularly attacks Donald Trumps as like Biden. Two are working hard to attract 2 millions Hindu people to Democratic Court. It’ll take time to see the actual result in 3 November 2020 the biggest show held in earth.

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