5 best writing apps for writers who start blogging

Hi aspiring writers, writing Coach K. Homer and this is The Life of a Writer blog. In this blog I will provide five of the best writing apps for writers that will help you with everything from productivity to grammar.

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5 best writing apps

Grammar fix

Now take a look this first app which is grammar fix. Grammar fix is developed to help you understand and avoid some most common grammar mistakes. I personally chose this app because writers often shoot me message that grammar is a challenge for them, so this dynamic app will help you with the basic components of grammar so that you can write with real confidence.

DIARY writing apps

Next up is an app that will be excellent choice for all writers but especially for biographer writers it’s called Diary. So this app is great for obviously journalism what happens on a day to day basis. But I literally recommend this app for memoir writers who may still be in the outlining stage. Where they’re trying to think through their experiences and just trying to get their feelings and significant times and places recorded. It’s a hundred percent private where you can add a pin code in the event that someone gets access to your phone. So you don’t have to worry about that and it also allows you to go back in time and review your memories.

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Focus keeper apps

Focus keeper is a time management app. Now this app is cratered to maintain you keep your productivity high by avoiding burnout and they do this by using a timer. So basically there are five basic focus points. It’s all about focusing your work efforts in timed 25-minute intervals with a five-minute break in between each of the writing sessions. So the first step would be to pick a task that needs to be done.

So in this stage it would be writing. Then you would fix the timer for 25 minutes focus on writing until the timer vibrates and then you would take a short break, you know just do something relaxing for five minutes and then once you’ve done four of these focus sessions you can take a longer break. I find this app helpful for writers who find it difficult to commit to writing for longer periods. This app makes it easier by breaking your writing into four sessions with breaks in between.

Danger notes writing apps

Danger notes is an app designed to fight writer’s block. Essentially what it does is it forces you to keep writing in order to save your progress from being deleted. The theory behind this writing app is by pressuring you to keep writing you’ll be forced to formulate an actual flow of written work instead of just staring at a blank document with no progress. The more words you type the easier it will be to break past your writer’s block and keep typing. And this app was actually recommended to me. So if you have some apps you’d like to recommend or you want me to review be sure and leave them in the comments below.

Productive writing apps

Productive is another great app and I personally recommend this app for first-time writers who are trying to develop a new writing habit. For a lot of newbie writers it can be so difficult trying to embrace writing into an already busy day. So productive is developed to set smart reminders throughout the day and then analyze your daily, weekly and monthly writing development. If you want to write a book that helps you to connect with readers and sell more books make sure to subscribe as I post new writing blogs every weeks.

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