3 Best inexpensive android phone reviews

Hey guys I’m K. Homer founder of Blogs Author and I’ve rounded up 3 of the latest and greatest phones that you can buy that don’t cost an absolute fortune. In fact every phone I’m going to show you is under 400 pounds or 400. So in no particular order let’s jump straight in with this guy. 3 Best inexpensive android phone reviews:

Inexpensive android phone reviews

Read bellow three inexpensive android phone reviews with specific feature and basic information.

TCL 10 5G

Best inexpensive android phone- It’s the new TCL 10 5G. You may be more familiar with TCL for their TVS. But in the last year or so they’ve started making some genuinely good budget mid-range phones. This one will set you back 400 pounds. So it is at the top end of our price range. So what stands out for me about the TCL is well. Firstly we’re getting 5G which is kind of a nice to have. But I don’t think it’s exactly an essential feature especially if you are on a tighter budget.

But we also get this pretty unique looking design with the quad camera setup on the back, decent specs, a good size, 4500 mAh power battery, plus a headphone jack and also surprisingly really nice software that don’t feel too far from good old stock android. It’s a pretty hefty phone. Though the size of it the thickness and also the plastic body don’t make it feel particularly premium but the thin bezels and the small hole punch cutout, do look good colors also look vibrant.

Thanks to the next vision technology which also does some fancy SDR to HDR conversion…But the TCL does use an LCD rather than AMOLED panel. And it’s only 60 hertz which is fine but given the 400 pound price tag 90 or 120 or at least an AMOLED screen would have been nice to see. So I think the TCL 10 5G is a good option. It’s a good all-rounder as the cliché goes but for 400 pounds. I’m worried that maybe this will get a little bit lost versus some stronger competition and speaking of stronger competition.

OnePlus Nord

Next up we have the OnePlus Nord. I reviewed this a few weeks ago and it’s good to see OnePlus kind of going back to their roots. You know with the seven series and the eight series getting more and more expensive. They’ve sort of gone back to giving us. You know a good affordable phone which is what OnePlus was always about in the first place. So the Nord comes in at 380 pounds. So it’s not exactly cheap but considering. We do get 5G a 90 hertz AMOLED screen, a genuinely good looking design, especially in this blue marble color and an impressive spec sheet.

Even if it does miss out on the flagship snapdragon chips that we’re used to seeing on OnePlus phones. While famously OnePlus cameras never quite match their flagship rivals at this price point. They’re definitely above average and with six lenses altogether including an ultra wide on both the front and the back. It’s a very versatile setup my favorite feature though has to be the software. Oxygen OS is just lovely to use. It’s fast. There’s no bloatware and it’s kind of like stock android. But with a few extra useful features honestly it’s hard to find fault with the Nord. It’s not the cheapest budget phone out there but I think given everything you’re getting. Yeah this is an easy recommendation.

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Now this next phone genuinely blew me away when I found out how much it cost it’s the new POCO x3 NFC. But to tell you the truth and you know maybe don’t tell POCO. But I would have included this phone anyway in the blog. I mean just guess how much this costs considering. It’s the first phone to come with the fastest snapdragon 732 g which gives us wi-fi 6 and 15 faster graphics over the 730 g along with plenty of ram and storage, full 120 hertz refresh screen with 240hz touch sampling a massive 5160 mAh battery, quad camera setup including a 64 megapixel, main lens, headphone jack and a pretty interesting design with what I like to call this go faster stripe on the back. So I was thinking 300 maybe 350 for the x3 that’d be pretty reasonable given the specs.

But no this costs 199 pounds it’s 200 quid and I think as you guys know I only work with sponsors where I genuinely believe in the product. I think it offers you know really good value for money and so I don’t think. I’ve ever been happier to work with a brand than on the POCO x3 NFC here. And it’s the little extras as well like having stereo speakers a fingerprint reader built into the power button. So it’s just one press to unlock liquid cooling. So you don’t see as much throttling with longer gaming sessions but most importantly that 120 hertz screen and massive battery is such a good combination.

If you’re gaming downsides well it doesn’t support 5G. But I still don’t think that’s really a must-have right now it also uses an LCD panel. So it doesn’t have quite the same contrast as an OLED. The cameras aren’t the best in the world and also you do get quite a few pre-installed apps aka Bloatware but with that said their focus is on giving you exactly what you need. And I think for 199 pounds sponsor or no sponsor this is right up there with my top recommended budget phones.

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