5 best Traffic sources for affiliate marketing “free-paid”

I’m gonna tell you what the five best traffic sources are at this time. These are traffic sources I use to get my websites up to 1,000 plus visitors per day. And look I’m not just gonna tell you what the five best are. Dude I’m going to show you exactly how to go and get traffic on each of these sources.

Traffic sources free-paid

So let’s just get right into it and coming in at number five. This is Reddit Forum. Look at bellow case study: best Traffic sources

Traffic source Number 5: We have reddit

So look how reddit works? It is essentially a huge forum. Within the reddit forum there are sub forums called sub reddits. It’s cool because we can really niche up and we can really get targeted traffic sources in any niche. There is literally a subreddit for any niche imaginable. Okay like right here I’m in on a subreddit for the “Green Bay Packers” which an American football team for you abroad fellows. Basically anything related the Green Bay Packers can get posted on this subreddit. How reddit works is a bunch of people are online right now. You can see people are online. Alright sixty-eight thousand subscribers post Green Bay Packers related information to this subreddit till now.

And then the people online get to upload it down, vote it, interact with it and see the content. Get people to your website. Okay so look if we’re just scrolling down through this Green Bay Packers subreddit. You’re gonna see that there’s a bunch of posts with images. Okay there’s some memes. Look at the meme that’s an Ad. But then right here look, you’ll see that there’s a blog post linked to ESPN.

If we click through we’re gonna get taken to ESPN where it’s like, hey you know here’s the Packers 53-man roster projection which something a Packers fan would be interested in. So look that’s kind of word how it works? What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go find a subreddit in your niche and then post a value article. And you’re not gonna do any self-promotion.

Readdit do not like self promotion on there platform

It doesn’t really like self-promotion. So you’re not gonna be like, “this is my article”. You’re just gonna drop a post in with your article and like provide value to the subreddit community. Now look a lot of the posts right now on Green Bay Packers are like from ESPN and from like bigger news sources. And that’s how it’s going to be on bigger more traffic to subreddits.

So like here we go I scroll down, I found one from a few days ago top five players to watch in week, 3 verse Oakland and it’s just going to the Lombardi Avenue. This could totally be one of your guys sites right here. We’re just gonna continue. But right here just a very basic blog slash news site article. All right and that’s exactly how you know they’re getting the traffic and then how they’re making money is looks there’s an ad right here and then look there’s some affiliate stuff saying, “hey go get an Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers Jersey blah blah blah”. Okay so you see how that works?

Reddit has paid option. You may promote your website or YouTube videos through the paid option. Amazingly it’ll increase your traffic of your web platform as like blogs, eCommerce, YouTube videos or anythings online. This platform is one of top traffic sources in this web world.

Traffic source Number 4: we have Instagram

We’re talking about Instagram. I had to make some selfie joke. So look this page that I’m on right now is “big Gucci” that’s my alter ego for video games. That’s my gamer tag is “juichi”. Alright and here we are on my Instagram page where I have a following in the “NBA 2k” niche. I love NBA 2k. I’m a super competitive NBA 2k gamer art. I’ve competed in tournaments for $500,000 and things like that. So I have a following in this community. And I grew it quite a bit on Instagram.

I only have 69 posts and I have 13,000 followers. And I’m getting traffic and views any single time I post a photo. Any time I post a related photo it goes anywhere from you know 400 to around 800 likes. Then when I do that I get more followers and I also get people clicking this link down here. I literally post the worst video in the world. I got 400 views. When I post a good video gets a thousand plus. I like Instagram because you’re gonna get that highly targeted traffic like you know reddit.

Right I have all these people following me who are interested in NBA 2k. I post anything NBA 2k related they love it. I linked anything NBA 2k related they love it. Ok so look the way that you get the traffic on here. There’s physically how you get the traffic on here is one you have a link in your bio. This link right here, “hey come follow me on Twitter”. I have a little call to action right here. This isn’t the best bait. So I don’t have a ton of people clicking it at this point in time.

Grow followers base on Instagram step by step

But when I had bait on there that was like you know, “come follow me on YouTube for a chance to win $50” or something like that a lot more people would go and click the link. Okay you guys kind of see that alright and the next way I’m generating the traffic is the stories. I don’t have one up right now. But sometimes I’ll go post a story. I’ll link it to my YouTube channel and get people going to my channel. But the channel can be interchangeable with the site.

I’m just trying to show you. You know some hands-on examples here. But just because you have your link in your bio and you got some decent Bay. You’re posting stories with your links and it doesn’t mean you’re just gonna just start pooping out traffic. Here’s kind of what you got to do to get the traffic. First and foremost you have to go follow people. Go interact with people in your niche.

The way I got to 13 point, five thousand followers and get traffic all the time to this NBA 2k page is because I went out and followed people in my niche. Okay I went on interacted with big followers. Like here let’s there’s this guy called Ronnie 2k. A bunch of people follow Ronnie 2k in order to get the latest 2k news and things like that.

Nourish your followers on Instagram

Okay so basically you know what I do is I go in and I follow all the people that go and follow Ronnie 2k. I go interact with those people, I go like their statuses. So like do you guys see it right here? he’s posting all NBA 2k related stuff. So it’s like anyone who follows Ronnie 2k likes NBA 2k. If I send them a follow or I go interact with them, go comment, go like their stuff, dude they’re gonna be way more likely to follow me.

So that’s literally how I got all the followers on big juicy, how I get all the traffic okay. Look that’s kind of step 1 to get your Instagram profile off the ground and start growing it. Dude go interact with people in your niche, go find some big profile like I just showed you in your niche or I, and go follow the people who follow this profile, go enter act with the people who are all sitting here, commenting, go follow them, go like their stuff, alright and they’re gonna come check out your profile. You’re gonna be able to get traffic from that. Okay so that’s like step one of the two step process on growing your Instagram.

Traffic source Number 3: Facebook

So look at the two best ways to get traffic on Facebook are this the first way is by Facebook groups. Facebook group is a free way. And it was literally the same idea as the reddit strategy that I showed you. Okay you’re gonna go find a Facebook group in your niche; you’re gonna go join it. Alright and then you’re gonna go provide value content. Okay so look I’m in the NBA 2k niche again because that’s really the only groups that I’m a part of on Facebook.

best Traffic sources

I’m not a big Facebook guy. But I do like it for getting traffic. I just like, don’t really use it personally. Okay but look I’m in some NBA 2k groups and look I could go in the first group in g1. You know people who are promoting their own crap here in the Facebook group. Okay so look hey private new earn here are you guys aren’t gonna understand that but news for NBA 2k, Oh look at this NBA 2k, 19 game play of the game that’s about to come out go check out my YouTube video, you know we click through.

We’re going to their YouTube video that has an ad on it. Okay all right you see that and then this guy again same thing. YouTube video just self promotion okay it’s the same thing as reddit right! Yeah what you want to do is you want to go join these groups. And you want to provide value, you want to go post, value content, value photos, value images and value articles back to your website.

Value your virtual friends content on Facebook groups

Okay all right that’s kind of how you get around being able to not be super self promoting. because a lot of the best groups that have the best traffic they’re going to have moderators. This group that I’m on right now it doesn’t really have an open moderator.

That’s kind of what you’re looking for you know but if you do run into a group where there is it is heavily moderated you really want to make sure you’re providing a ton of value. You want the value, value, value. So the moderators not like oh well this guy is just trying to make money or you know get traffic to his website or whatever okay all right you want it. Like hey we’re putting the group first I love the group okay that type of mentality, okay so there you go with the group’s that’s how you can do it. But I’ll be honest with you getting group traffic it’s nice and all but that’s kind of weird. Like the little guys play.

Facebook Ads paid option: best Traffic sources

You want to be a big boy then you got to go run some Facebook ads. Spend some money. But look I understand you know if you don’t have the money that you’re not gonna go blasting hats. Like look I totally get it. I was saying if you really want to like grow your website and get traffic make the sales and things like that you know the Facebook ads are where it’s at all right and the reason being is because you can just do crazy amount of targeting and you can literally flip the switch on and off when you want to get traffic to your website with the Reddit the Instagram.

You’re kind of relying upon you know the algorithm the value of the things like that with the Facebook Ads like boom. You know you’re right through the door. Right you’re spending the money for it. So you’re gonna get the traffic and I were buying upon the free traffic. Okay and Facebook Ads is also cool because of the crazy targeting.

You can literally any age, any place and then right here under detail targeting this is where it gets really cool. Alright you can literally target any demographic, any interest, any sort of behavior if we want people who are 2 Chainz enthusiasts, the rapper, 2 Chainz look people who are interested in to change discography people were interested in 2 Chainz. It’s really crazy. Even there you can see oh I want someone who owns a Kindle Fire. Okay I want someone who owns an HTC one, or someone who owns an iPhone 6, like the targeting can just be insane.

Facebook Ads is on of the best Traffic sources

It can be interest based by ownership. How much money they make? It is really insane. So that’s pretty cool that you can do that detailed targeting. Then down at the placements. There’s a bunch of different placements now. Look if you’re going into it don’t advertise on Instagram. It’s a little bit too expensive right now.

Get rid of the audience network get rid of the messenger, dude you really just want to hang out in the newsfeed. Okay really don’t worry about all that other stuff they’re gonna tell you to do. But you just want to go hang out in the newsfeed. That’s keeping the ads very simple. Okay that’s how I would start running it. I would just go pick an audience in my niche. Make sure my sites monetize and run the traffic to it okay and I would just hang out in the newsfeed for the most part. Okay there you go that’s number three Facebook. Okay and on Facebook you can do the groups and you can do the Facebook ads in culminating it.

Traffic source Number 2: we have YouTube

I love YouTube. YouTube is awesome. I almost wanted to rank it number one. But number one it’s kind of just like has a little place in my heart but look I love, love, love YouTube. The reason I love it point blank is because there’s no other platform out there where you have a shot to go viral. So easily literally if you consistently upload videos to YouTube, YouTube will throw you a bone.

Now of course you have to upload them the right way. Okay it’s not like you just mindlessly upload videos for who knows what and be able to get all these views to get thrown a bone. Know if you’re doing the right stuff, you know you’re gonna you have the potential to you know get your video shot out to a bunch of people for 100% free. Okay nowhere else really besides like Instagram is gonna do that for you but even then you got to build like a base following to really go viral on Instagram.

Okay but on YouTube you could literally have no subscribers and your video can get shot out to a bunch of people. Now look I’m not like a big like viral guy. I’m gonna try to get a million views or a hundred thousand views. Really I’m using YouTube for SEO slash related videos. I think if you want to get traffic this is really the best way to go about it. An SEO it just stands for search engine optimization. Alright and it’s this search bar right here that I’m hovering over on YouTube. Right people type stuff into there I think you might have typed something into there before I’m not sure.

YouTube Search engine Bar

Maybe you used the search bar, maybe you haven’t. Yes of course you use the search bar, dude okay so look all right so people are searching for things. Okay best gaming chair under 100 okay. We’ll just do something like that. All right, so look at all of these videos that pop up. All right and people are searching for what the best gaming chair under $100. $100 is okay. So these people are getting traffic to their videos from people searching for keywords in the search bar.

So someone shirt searches for best gaming chair under $100, boom these videos pop up and now we’re interacting with the video. Okay we would go interact with it and look how you get the traffic to your site is down here in the description again. You provide some value. You would tell them the answer or whatever they’re looking for from that search. Then you would have your website link or your affiliate links down below in the description. Okay so this is literally rinse and repeat if you go type in any sort of like products and stuff right here you’re gonna find that. It’s all the same sort of thing.

Now every single day since people are searching for best gaming chair under $100 now he’s getting the traffic from SEO. Okay because he did the SEO to his video right here and tit for best gaming chair and $100 people searching for this. Boom they’re clicking through, they’re interacting with this video and then they’re clicking his affiliate link which you know could be your website link.

YouTube video optimization and paid video promotion

I rank for and I do the SEO which is basically just put the keyword in the title put the keyword in the description and then YouTube sees that and then they’re gonna start ranking for it. And when you optimize that title and description like that you’re also gonna be going and getting the traffic from the related videos. Alright in terms of getting the free traffic from the SEO / related videos now there are also ads on YouTube.

There are tons of ads on YouTube you can see. I ran a VPN related search and I’m getting a VPN related ad. That’s saying hey you can get a VPN trial right here. Okay when I click this video I get an ad right away from a VPN called ipvanish saying hey you can get 60% off of this VPN. This is called an in-stream ad. You see how someone watching this vpn with discord video would be interested in this VPN app.

Yes okay it’s precisely alright and if we refresh this I was even seeing ads on this far right side. Okay but I haven’t seen any right now look right here. Here’s another ad top was taken up the portion of it. But you can see above my head these are the related videos right here. Okay you can see the up next right here boom, boom, boom. Look in order to run these types of ads on YouTube you just go sign up for a Google Ads account and you’re going to be able to access the YouTube Ad support.

Traffic source Number 1: We have Google

Google is awesome. “The reason 10 best VPN 2020” Okay so you can run ads on Google, so you can run ads from the search right here. You can run ads in the video in the stream. That I was just showing you guys. And you can run ads in these related videos. Okay and yeah my bad dude here’s the related video as I know my big old head. Google is awesome is because like YouTube they will give you free traffic. Okay all right and it’s just doing SEO on Google like I taught you the SEO on YouTube dude.

It’s the same thing on Google. The difference is though is that there’s even more searches on Google. Alright then there are on YouTube. YouTube’s a highly trafficked site. But dude like everyone Google searches literally everyone in their mom. Google searches their grandmother great-great grandma.

Okay everyone’s Google searching all right. Think the Google SEO stuff is what got me to and $100 per day. And I like it a lot. because you’re just getting the free traffic ride the same benefits of the YouTube. And it works the same way.

let’s say we’re on Google. We type in best headphones under $100 or something like that. And then we have articles on here. These people have all done SEO for this keyword. So again they found that people were searching for keywords like headphones under $100.

Google ranked keywords bring free traffic

Alright they targeted the keyword by creating an article on their website. Okay so look we go to the wire cutter calm. Alright we’re gonna find an article about the best headphones under $100. Okay every single day tons of people come in here they type in best headphones under $100. Our headphones under $100 and then they come down here, they interact with the articles and that’s how they’re getting the traffic.

Google’s just delivering it for free. Now in terms of the SEO like YouTube these people just didn’t make an article for the best headphones under $100 for the heck of it. They saw they did the SEO, they saw that people were searching for this, they made an article on their website. they did the SEO, got ranking and now people are coming to their website for free every single day from YouTube. Okay and it’s kind of like rinse and repeat right. You have a website, you just go find all the keywords in your niche. Go produce an article for them and start ranking on Google and getting the free traffic from Google.

Okay and literally guys all these guys appearing and have done the SEO for this keyword. It’s literally all the same sites like if we go open up. These sites that aren’t like Best Buy and stuff. It’s literally gonna be oh hey um you can go and buy these headphones and here’s my Amazon affiliate link.

Free traffic sources for more affiliate sales

Right here we go this is Business Insider but here’s our that’s rating. Here’s a regular one like headphones addict. Like right here here’s their Amazon affiliate link. Alright so they just get the free traffic from Google and then they’re making free affiliate sales because they’re getting the traffic for free.

So all their affiliate sales are highly profitable. And that’s why I love SEO so much. That’s what got me to 100 dollars per day online. Consistently 100 dollars per day in profit it’s because I was getting the free traffic from Google delivered to my site every single day. Really that’s why I’m ranking this number one. By the way the Google is because you can get but loads of free traffic delivered to your site and you don’t have to pay anything for it. Alright I think that’s what free means?

But it just means you can be highly profitable. Alright and you can do. It was really affiliate marketing in any niche and be able to you know appear for some keywords and make some sales like that. But look like I said it’s really the same site every single time just recommending different products from Amazon, different headphones from Amazon in this case. Okay literally same thing Amazon affiliate links blah blah blah. Like over and over and over and guys it’s not just like making affiliate sales like you can do this for literally any business, any niche, whatever like my dad his whole business is built upon SEO and getting counseling clients from people searching on Google. Like look counsellor San Diego. Right if you needed a counsellor in San Diego, dude you’re gonna type in something like that.

Google paid Ads option: top traffic sources

Okay and then right here we have all the SEO up. Here are the ads. By the way you can see ad, ad, ad, ad, ad, ad, ad. Okay then we have the math pack and then we have the SEO. So these people dude I called you today good therapy. There’s gotta be someone here we go James William Parker. This guy right here he’s ranking for counselor San Diego. He’s just getting free clients from you. Know people who are typing in counselor San Diego. That’s the big benefit of SEO and that’s why I think it’s the number one traffic source at this time.

Alright but look it doesn’t end there okay I just mentioned ads you can also run ads on Google. And Google search more specifically. because there’s different places that you can run ads on a Google property right there’s the YouTube ads, there’s other sites that Google owns that you can run ads on. But I’m mostly talking about just Google search ads.

Best traffic sources: Google paid Ads

Like if someone’s typing in best VPN for iPhone there’s a bunch of guys that do it in this niche. Look at all these guys getting traffic from their site by paying for the ads. So it’s like they advertise for that very specific keyword like best VPN for iPhone. If we go click one of these right here. okay we’re gonna find a very similar site to the ones.

I just showed you with the word saying. Hey you know here are the VPNs that we like. Your features here’s the deal you’re gonna go visit the site. This is an affiliate link. You know we go there and we purchase. We’re making that person money.

Okay so that’s kind of how the search ads work as well and you can do that and the nice thing about the search ads is that you can flip on and off the switch. The bad thing, the disadvantage is that you’re paying money for it. right like you’re gonna your marketing is gonna have to be on point. Your conversion is gonna have to be on point. So that you actually make a profit from it. okay and then you’re gonna need to make sure you’re advertising for the right keywords that convert.

SEO for website free traffic sources

So that’s why I like the SEO. because you’re not paying anything. You’re not paying anything so anything that you make off your site is just super profitable. All right you’re not paying for the ads. All right otherwise you know your margins are gonna be much more slim. If you’re paying for the ads and if you’re getting the traffic from the SEO. Okay all right it’s free traffic. I can’t say that enough and look again if you want to learn how to do SEO, go rank your site, rank your YouTube videos, go check out the links below in the seo section of this blog site or I have a bunch of training on here.

best Traffic sources: best Traffic sources: best Traffic sources

I have so much training on here that it’s stupid. but look guys there you go there you have it those are the top 5 traffic sources and how to use them? we got reddit, we got Instagram, we got Facebook groups, Facebook as if we got YouTube SEO, YouTube as related videos and also YouTube ads and then coming in at number one we got Google SEO. and we got Google Ads. if you’re still reading and you got a question about any of this, drop it in the comments. I’d be happy to help you, happy to answer you whatever this blog has been helpful smash the share button. Take your keyboard literally smash your keyboard go hit that share button. I do hope this blog has been helpful. this has been K. Homer and I’ll see you guys later.

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