7 points you should check on your motorcycle before traveling this summer

Before embarking on a road trip. It is essential that you thoroughly review the main elements of your motorcycle or you can buy a car from Auto For Trade since it is the only way to circulate with the maximum possible safety and increase the life expectancy of your vehicle. Therefore, below we detail which are the most important points that you should check on your motorcycle.


The good condition of the tires guarantees your safety on the road, so you must pay special attention to them. When checking the tires, you should look at their general condition, the depth of the tread and their pressure, which will vary according to load and speed.

  • Tread depth: There is a legal minimum set at 1.6 millimeters, after which tires must be replaced with new ones.
  • Tire pressure: Correct tire pressure is important for your safety since it is a factor that directly influences the quality and speed of braking. To adjust the pressure you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which will appear in the vehicle manual. It is important that you check the pressure of the tires when cold because if the air inside is heated, the pressure will increase and the data obtained will be incorrect.


Checking the lights is essential, especially if you are traveling at night. You must check that all the lights turn on and light correctly so as not to dazzle other vehicles. You should also be aware that if you carry the motorcycle overloaded, the rear end sags and the lights come up, which can cause glare. In this case, you must adjust the suspension or adjust the height of the light to travel safely. Finally, we recommend that you always carry spare lights in case a problem arises during the trip.


Before embarking on a trip it is very important that you clean your rear-view mirrors well, as they are a key element of visibility. Also, you must regulate them to position them correctly and fix them so that they do not vibrate.


When checking the engine, you should check that there is no fluid leakage or abnormal noises. It is important that you examine the starter, air filters, oil and coolant according to the manufacturer’s directions.

  • Leaks: It is very important that you check that the engine does not have any fluid leaks. In case of detecting a leak you should go to a mechanic as soon as possible. You should also make sure that the engine does not make abnormal noises.
  • Starting: It is essential that you check the cold and hot engine starting. In both cases, the engine must react instantly and the exhaust fumes must come out clean.
  • The oil: The engine oil level is one of the most important elements to check, since if there is a problem, the motorcycle will not work properly and the probability of suffering a traffic accident will increase. It is important that you change the oil and filter every year or when you reach the mileage limit. If possible, we recommend that you replace it before making the trip.
  • Coolant level: The coolant level can be checked hot or cold, but always on level ground.
  • The air filter: You should check that the air filter is always clean.

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You should pay special attention to the level of the brake fluid and check its transparency. It is also important that you check the cables, pipes, discs, drums and the front and rear brake pads, which you will have to change if they are worn.


The chain requires a lot of attention, so you should check it every few kilometers and grease it frequently. It is important that you check if it has the voltage indicated by the manufacturer. In the case of motorcycles with a Cardan transmission, you should check the fluid level and make sure there are no leaks. Finally, if you have a motorcycle with belt transmission, you should check that it has the tension indicated by the manufacturer and check its condition.


Before leaving on a trip it is important that you check that all the documentation is in order. To do this, you must check that the ITV of your motorcycle is in force and that the sticker is visible.


The DGT advises you to take the following items on a trip: A puncture repair kit; a reflective vest, to wear in case of a breakdown or to drive in bad weather; and spare lamps, since the officers could immobilize your motorcycle if you have a burnt out light, something that poses a danger to road safety.

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