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List of domesticated dog breeds:

Dogs have been bred selectively for hundreds of years. Dogs are bred different or mixed breeds of the same breed or a combination of other breeds. It is an ongoing process and consequently from the Great Dane to Chihuahua; Variations and characteristics of wide-sized varieties are observed. The following list gives the names and fields of different breeds of dogs.

Dogs are divided into several groups, such as:

  1. Companion dog
  2. Watch dog
  3. Hunting dogs
  4. Gathering dog
  5. Worker dog

In addition to these, there are many other types of dogs to play with. There are some most dangerous breeds of dogs and some are very cute and family friendly puppies. Some dog breeds are very child friendly and some are very aggressive breeds of dogs.


Different international and national organizations have divided the dogs into several categories which are mentioned in the same line with the names and images of the dogs in the list below. However, since different dogs are not registered has been marked as “not mentioned”.

These organizations that work with dogs are –

  1. Federation Cynologique Internationale
  2. American Kennel Club
  3. Australian National Kennel Council
  4. Canadian Kennel Club
  5. Kennel Club
  6. New Zealand Kennel Club
  7. Associated Kennel Club

How many breeds of dogs are there on this earth?

There are many dog breeds in the world. Some are still surviving on the earth and some are already extinct from this planet forever. See below about complete list of dog breeds and extinct dog breeds of the world.


List of all dog breeds in the world

Dog breeds International name and country:

International name of dogs from “A”Country name
01AffenpinscherGermany, France
02Afghan houndAfghanistan
03Afghan ShepherdAfghanistan
05Airedale TerrierUnited Kingdom (England)
07Akita InuJapan
08Alano EspanolSpain
09Alaskan HuskyUnited States
10Alaskan Klee KaiUnited States
11Alaskan MalamuteUnited States
12Alpine DachsbrackeAustria
13Alpine SpanielSwitzerland
14American AkitaJapan / United States
15American BulldogUnited States
16American Cocker SpanielUnited States
17American Eskimo dogGermany
18American FoxhoundUnited States
19American Hairless TerrierUnited States
20American Pit Bull TerrierUnited States
21American Staffordshire TerrierUnited States
22American Water SpanielUnited States
23Anatolian Shepherd DogTurkey
24Andalusian HoundSpain
25Anglo-Français de Petite VénerieFrance
26Appenzeller SennenhundSwitzerland
27Ariege PointerFrance
30Armenian Gampr dogArmenia
31Artois HoundFrance
32Australian Cattle DogAustralia
33Australian KelpieAustralia
34Australian ShepherdUnited State
35Australian Silky TerrierAustralia
36Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle DogAustralia
37Australian TerrierAustralia
38Austrian Black and Tan HoundAustria
39Austrian PinscherAustria

Dog breeds list name starting “B”

Name of dogs from “B”Country name
41Bakharwal DogIndia
44Basque RatterSpain
45Basque Shepherd DogSpain
46Basset Artésien NormandFrance
47Basset Bleu de GascogneFrance
48Basset Fauve de BretagneFrance
49Basset Griffon Vendéen, GrandFrance
50Basset Griffon Vendéen, PetitFrance
51Basset HoundFrance
52Bavarian Mountain HoundGermany
53BeagleUnited Kingdom (England)
55Bearded CollieUnited Kingdom (Scotland)
57Bedlington TerrierUnited Kingdom
58Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael)Belgium
59Belgian Shepherd Dog (Laekenois)Belgium
60Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois)Belgium
61Belgian Shepherd (Tervuren)Belgium
62Bergamasco ShepherdItaly
63Berger Blanc SuisseSwitzerland
64Berger PicardFrance
65Berner LaufhundSwitzerland
66Bernese Mountain DogSwitzerland
67Bichon FriséSpain, Belgium
69Black and Tan CoonhoundUnited State
70Black and Tan Virginia FoxhoundUnited State
71Black Norwegian ElkhoundNorway
72Black Russian TerrierRussia
73Blackmouth CurUnited State
74Bleu de Gascogne, GrandFrance
75Bleu de Gascogne, PetitFrance
76BloodhoundBelgium, France
77Blue HeelerAustralia
78Blue LacyUnited State
79Blue Paul TerrierUnited Kingdom (Scotland)
80Bluetick CoonhoundUnited State
81BoerboelSouth Africa
82Bohemian ShepherdCheck Republic
84Border CollieUnited Kingdom (Scotland, England)
85Border TerrierUnited Kingdom (England, Scotland)
87Bosnian Coarse-haired HoundBosnia and Herzegovina
88Boston TerrierUnited State
89Bouvier des ArdennesBelgium
90Bouvier des FlandresBelgium
92Boykin SpanielUnited State
93Bracco ItalianoItaly
94Braque d’AuvergneFrance
95Braque du BourbonnaisFrance
96Braque du PuyFrance
97Braque FrancaisFrance
98Braque Saint-GermainFrance
99Brazilian DogoBrazil
100Brazilian TerrierBrazil
102Briquet Griffon VendéenFrance
105Bruno Jura HoundSwitzerland, France
106Bucovina Shepherd DogRomania
107Bull and TerrierUnited Kingdom
108Bull TerrierUnited Kingdom (England)
109Bull Terrier (Miniature)United Kingdom (England)
110BulldogUnited Kingdom (England)
112BullmastiffUnited Kingdom (England)
113Bully KuttaIndia
114Burgos PointerSpain

List of extinct dog breeds – ancient dogs

There are hundreds dog breeds in the world already extinct from this planet. Here I have presented some dog breeds already gone from this world.

extinct dog breeds

  • Alaunt-
  • Alpine Mastiff – Switzerland
  • Alpine Spaniel – Switzerland, Sevay
  • Blue Paul Terrier – United Kingdom (Scotland)
  • Braque du Puy – France
  • Bullenbeisser – Germany
  • Chien-gris – France
  • Chiribaya Shepherd –
  • Cordoba Fighting Dog – Argentina
  • Cumberland Sheepdog – United Kingdom (Scotland)
  • Dogo Cubano – Cuba
  • English Water Spaniel – United Kingdom
  • English White Terrier – United Kingdom
  • Fuegian dog –
  • Hare Indian Dog – Canada- United State
  • Hawaiian Poi Dog – United State
  • Felid’s Hunting Dog –
  • Kurī – New Zealand

  • Molossus – Greece
  • Moscow Water Dog – Russia
  • Norfolk Spaniel – United Kingdom
  • North Country Beagle – United Kingdom
  • Old English Bulldog – United State
  • Old Spanish Pointer –
  • Paisley Terrier – United State (Scotland)
  • Rastreador Brasileiro – Russia
  • Russian tracker – Russia
  • Sakhalin Husky – Japan
  • Salish Wool Dog –
  • Southern Hound – United State
  • St. John’s Water Dog – New Found land, Canada
  • Tahltan Bear Dog – Canada
  • Talbot – United Kingdom, Belgium, France
  • Tesem –
  • Toy Bulldog –
  • Toy Trawler Spaniel – United Kingdom
  • Tweed Water Spaniel – United Kingdom

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