American airlines – passenger harassment- a common topic

The name of American Airlines has repeatedly appeared in the headlines of passenger harassment.

The airline has been accused of sometimes dragging a passenger in a bad situation and sometimes harassing a woman with a child.

A passenger jumped from the plane biting the flight attendant

An American Airlines flight attendant was bitten, and a passenger jumped out of the plane, causing a commotion.

The name of the accused passenger of 22 years is Tun Lon Sein.

He boarded an American Airlines plane. According to the airline, just as the plane was preparing to take off, Tun jumped out of his seat and tried to open the main door of the plane.

It is alleged that Tun tried to bite the flight attendant when flight attendant and two passengers tried to stop him. No one was ready for that sudden attack.

As soon as they were able to cope with the onslaught, Tun opened the door and jumped out of the plane. Good luck, even then the plane did not start running on the runway!

After the jet plane takes off and lands, Tun rushes to the taxiway. But before he could reach the taxiway, he was apprehended by airport security. It is still not clear why Tun caused such an incident. Tun was then on federal lockup in North Carolina, USA.

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