Free youtube views Basic guide 2021

Just as websites need search engine optimization or SEO, so does youtube video optimization. If you can do video SEO well, the ranking and views of the youtube video will increase at an unexpected rate free surely. In this post we will take a look at some basic tips for optimizing YouTube videos, which are extremely useful for your channel to get more views free. I’ve described here basic guide to increase YouTube video views step by step.

Keyword selection for YouTube videos

Just like webpage keywords, some relevant keywords have to be selected for the video. The most important or related keywords will be the primary keywords, and the other keywords (relatively second in relevance) will be the secondary keywords. The primary keywords must be placed in the title of the video and the secondary keywords must be added to the description and tag of the video.

Youtube Video title for more views free

Care should be taken to use targeted keywords in the title so that the title presents the video appropriately. In the case of a series of videos, if the serial number is mentioned in the title of each video, the two videos before and after the series will be shown as YouTube suggested videos while playing.

Tags selection for YouTube videos

You have to enter relevant keywords in the YouTube video tag option. As a result, your video will be shown in the form of suggestions when other similar videos are played.


Video description

Unique and 300+ word video description is good. It must be related to the video. You can use 0.5% keyword description. Video tags can be included in the description.

Thumbnail of YouTube videos important

A thumbnail of what a standard video is all about can be understood. Thumbnail should be attractive. An engaging thumbnail can increase clicks on your videos. YouTube automatically creates a thumbnail when the video is uploaded and processed, but after a certain period of time you can set a custom thumbnail on YouTube.

Engagement of videos

Sharing videos on various social media, replying to visitor’s comments, etc. will surely increase your channel’s support from viewer’s corners and subscribers and increase video views. However, you should not like / dislike your own video or play it unnecessarily to increase the view, because there is a risk of being caught as spamming. If viewers see at least 50% -60% of your video length every time, YouTube will consider it a positive aspect for your channel.

We hope you find these guide to increase YouTube video views useful. One of my next posts is expected to come up with some more useful tips on YouTube for you soon.

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