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Backlink is a term that is very familiar and somewhat confusing to those of us who work in the SEO world. Many people may think that my use of this word is “confusing” Why did I say that? Basic SEO tips here I’ve discussed step by step.

In fact, many of us do not know what a backlink is and how it works for our site. Let’s start our discussion with backlink ‍strategy today.

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The topics I will try to talk about today are: 

What is a backlink?

Why do you need a backlink to the site?

What are the features of the link?

What are Internal Link and External Link?

What is a backlink?

A backlink is an external link that gets your site from another website. More simply, when a website gives a link to your site is called backlink.

Imagine two websites for example…Where your website has been linked from another site. Now a question may come to your mind, why would that external site give you backlinks?

In answer I give an example, suppose a friend of yours asked you how he can learn SEO. And you told him to watch Neil Patel’s videos on YouTube.

Think about it, Neil Patel didn’t tell you that you asked your friend to watch his YouTube videos. But you told him, because you thought he could easily learn SEO by watching these videos.

The fact that one of Neil Patel’s viewers grew through you, that is, your friend came to this channel, is the backlink.

Why do you need a backlink to the site?

My opinion, there are basically three reasons for backlinks to a site.

  • Creating Authority
  • Search engine rankings
  • Increasing the number of visitors

Authority means that the value of your site.

I mean, think about the example I gave a little while ago. But when you talk to your friend about Neil Patel but your friend is getting a good idea about him, so his authority is increasing.

When your site gets such backlinks from various external sites, then search engines will give you more importance and provide rank.

And when you rank in search engines, the number of organic visitors to your site will increase.

Hopefully now you understand why a website needs backlinks.

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What are the features of the link?

A link has two attributes:

1. No-Follow

No-Follow is an HTML Attribute that tells search engine bots that the target page for this link should not be given any value in the search engine rankings.

That is, search engine bots will no longer follow your link. And if the search engine bot does not follow the link, then no link juice will pass through that link.

Link Juice is the power of a link, through which the page in the link gets value.

Generally, we will give no-follow to pages that do not have too much authority, or our affiliate links will be no-follow.

Example of no-follow link:

​<a href=’’” rel=”nofollow”>Google</a>

For those of you who work in WordPress, there is a very good plugin through which you can easily no-follow a link, the plugin is: Rel Nofollow CheckBox

2. Do-Follow

If you do not make no-follow the link feature, the link is do-followed by default.

If a link is do-follow, it means that the search engine bot will pass through the link and go to the target page.

Now you can say what is the benefit? Yes, there are benefits. That is, the link juice will pass to your site. In other words, the search engine bot will help the target page to rank because of this link. Although there are a few more things to do, not only do-follow links, but also the position of the page you are linking to should be good in search engines. Then you will benefit if you get such a do-follow link.

Example of do-follow link:

​<a href=””>Google</a>​

What are Internal Link and External Link?

Internal Link:

When you link another page / post with one page / post inside a website, it is called internal link. It is also called Inbound Link.

Inbound Link is very important in ranking a site in search engines. With the right internal link, the link juice can be passed correctly in all the pages / posts of your site. Therefore, internal links are usually do-follow.

External Link:

When you link a page / post with another page / post inside your website, it is called external link. Another name is Outbound Link.

Since, external links are given to external sites through external links therefore external links are usually no-follow. However, there may be exceptions. Many people have do-follow links to high-authority sites.

What you have if you want to get good quality backlinks from others?

You must have understood that getting a good quality backlink is not an easy task. For this you need to have some qualities in your site. Such as:

Your site must be a technical error free site. Here is what is meant by technical error:

  • Site loading speed problem
  • Mobile friendliness problem
  • Duplicate content
  • 404 errors
  • Canonical errors
  • Duplicate meta data

The design and architecture of your site must be user friendly so that a user can easily navigate your site.

The content of your site must be of good quality. This is very important. If your content is good, your content page will be shared by other users, will reach everyone. And this way you will catch the eye of others and give backlinks to your page from other relevant pages.

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