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I met a fantastic tour guide in Israel specializing in military tours in Israel; he took me to the most remarkable places related to Israeli combat battle heritage. This is an amazing place of the world. “United we stand, divided we fall.” but their thinking is different here. Military power is the last word here in Israel. Read the article fully when it comes to arms trade and production of Israel. Israeli Economy stands on arms Defense.

Arms Defense industries

The arms trade and production have been a major focus of the Israeli economy since its independence in 1948. Although Israel did not pay much attention to the development of its armaments industry until the late 1960s, its armament factories are even older. And since this trend has been going on since the Jews became aware of their powerlessness, it has played a major role in their Jewish nationalism and autonomy.

Zionist pioneer entrepreneurs set up many small secret factories where various types of small arms were made and repaired, weapons parts, military vehicles and various types of military parts were made. These military factories were established in 1933, collectively known as the Israeli Military Factories. During Israeli independence in 1946-48, self-sufficiency in their military exports was perceived as an important issue, and when the British left Palestine in 1948, these Israeli firms openly set up their factories.

Main reason behind Israel’s decision to build an internal military industry

The main reason behind Israel’s decision to build an internal military industry was to protect its existence. In the 1950’s, various types of military-related firms expanded. In the first half of the 1950s, these independent and other factories were brought under the control of a single management. Important among these was the Israeli aircraft industry known as the National War Equipment Development Authority. Within this decade, Israel turned all its military industries into state-controlled entities.


Israel’s Nuclear Weapons

Israel’s nuclear program began in 1959. In 1968, US Assistant Secretary of Defense Paul Warnock learned from Yitzhak Rabin, the Israeli ambassador to the United States, that Israel had built an atomic bomb. Robin explained that Israel was not the first country in the region to have a nuclear weapon. And until this weapon is tested and announced, it cannot be said that Israel has built an atomic bomb.

Israel’s most famous nuclear project is the Dimona nuclear plant. Israel’s nuclear program has been going on here since the 1960s, in the strictest sense of the word. This is a country with a powerful nuclear weapon and has at least 200 atomic bombs in its hands. International nuclear analysts have said so.

Israeli High-Tech Sector behind the banned history

In the first half of the 1960s, Israel focused on developing its electronic industry, and by 1965 it had succeeded in developing small arms. They also succeeded in making warplanes. In these two decades, Israel has reached the level of modern military production. Israel has been forced to develop weapons after facing repeated sanctions from its arms suppliers. France re-imposed the embargo in 1969 after being banned by France during the 1967 war. In July 1971, the United States imposed a ban on the supply. Britain imposed sanctions during the Arab-Israeli war. In March 1975, the Ford Administration imposed a ban on arms and economic aid to Israel. Similarly, Israel got into trouble, in 1976, 1978, 1981 and 1983.

weapons- Israeli Economy

According to Israeli Defense Ministry official

According to Israeli Defense Ministry officials, this acute crisis in the military industry has given them the opportunity to undergo major structural changes. The government allocates one billion US dollars in grants to the war industry in three to four years. Israel has changed its tactics and tactics so that it builds a strong defense zone for the long term instead of small and other weapons, increases its intelligence capabilities and focuses on building powerful accurate weapons.

Instead of building traditional weapons, Israeli defense firms are now focusing on building a variety of high-quality electronics subsystems. They are the suppliers of some of the most advanced weapons parts in the world. These include the engineering of German tanks, American helicopter gunships and the Dutch military command system. They have created new versions of 20-30 year old weapons and donated more advanced standards.

Israeli Military Power

All Israelis are 18 years old have to undergo army training. As such, Israel has about 1,76,500 Trained forces. Of which about 1,33,000 Army only. Of these, about 1,07,000 soldiers who are strong has been inducted into the army forcefully. Of Israel There are about 9,500 naval members and about 34,000 Air Force members. All troops joined forces the number of Israeli troops stands at almost 5,65,000.


The Israeli army has 138 rockets System, 750 mortars, 900 tanks Weapons of mass destruction and 200 aircraft Weapons of mass destruction. Israel has about 460 aircraft in its fleet. Of which 168 fighter planes, 227 ground Assault aircraft, 65 attack aircraft and 86 war equipment transport aircraft. In Israel There are 81 helicopters ready for war. Of which among them are Cobra and Apache. Of transportation For 200 more Israeli helicopters there are.

Israel creates more forceful laser beams

One of Israel’s most famous military inventions is the Iron Dome, a vast, high-tech shield against the rain of missiles that has threatened the nation.

Israel’s Defense Ministry and defense companies Rafael and Elbit Systems and academic institutions produced a combat laser breakthrough which is very powerful to protect the nation work as a wall. It is based on the accuracy of the laser beam, which can be drilled on long-range targets. It can overcome atmospheric blocks such as clouds and dust storms.

They are able to accept several laser beams. They can do some extraordinary work with an advanced algorithm, connect them to get one strong beam that is able to stop and take down a variety of threats. Based on high-energy electric lasers rather than chemical laser technology, the robust system will integer the other layers of Israel’s aerial walls and will be a strategic switch in the defense capabilities of the state.

Three programs for the development of high-energy

The ministry has started three programs for the development of high-energy laser demonstration weapons systems in cooperation with the two companies: a ground-based laser system to complement the powers of the Iron Dome, development of a maneuverable platform-mounted laser system to defend troops in the field and the development of a laser demo system mounted on an air platform to obstruct threats above cloud covers and for the defense of wide ranges.

Last word about Israeli Economy

How a country under the age of 70 became the world’s most advanced technological military power is a wonder to all. The subject of research is how the Zionist country changed the pace of modern warfare. Is it just because of the economic and military aid of the super power United States? Military experts say this is possible because of some of the unique characteristics of the Israeli nation.

The country has not become a huge military power just because of US economic aid. In some cases, Israel does not accept the decision of the US government, not even the decision of the United Nations. Disobeying the US decision means that the Jews are not dependent on the Americans. This has been possible because of the country’s growing power. Americans are well aware of the strength and capability of this Jewish country. Although Muslim countries are much more in the dark about Israel.

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