Top 10 Blockchain Platforms to Explore in 2023

Blockchain platforms provide people with the opportunity to tap into a distributed database that stores data.

According to Brainvire, at present, the leading blockchain platforms support the finance industry as experts can streamline data management with it. Experts need to choose a blockchain platform as per their necessities and working convenience. It is decentralized in nature.

As per the statistics from Techjury, the worldwide blockchain market will earn revenues up to $20 billion. According to another statistic, the total worth of the blockchain wallets in the first quarter of the running year is $47.14 million. Statistics from Fortunately shows that 90% of banks in Europe and the US have started using blockchain technology since 2018.

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Here are the details about the ten leading blockchain platforms one must know about in 2023.

1.    Ethereum

Ethereum is a leading blockchain platform that provides users with all the benefits of blockchain technology. The Ethereum Virtual Machine allows you to write codes in the run-time environment.

Ethereum also provides users with access to Smart Contracts and is accessible from different parts of the world. However, Ethereum is a bit slow in customer response compared to others.

2.    Corda

Unlike most other blockchain platforms, Corda lacks its cryptocurrency. However, it is best used in private transactions. As Corda provides granular-level benefits, it can support multiple works in the trade and healthcare industries apart from finance.

3.    Quorum

Quorum fits the best for speedy application handling as a blockchain platform. One can get excellent service support while using this platform. It is also a reliable source for its ability of Quorum to provide permission.

It is created by JP Morgan and resembles the Ethereum structure but with modifications. One can choose Quorum as it allows customization.

4.    IOTA

As a blockchain platform, IOTA ensures proper decision-making for a business with the support of IoT. It does not comprise any locks or chains but runs on its unique technology.

5.    Hyperledger Sawtooth

Hyperledger Sawtooth is one of the best options to get trade. To execute distributed ledgers, use this platform.. It provides users with a chance to design independent ledgers and create them. One can maintain digital records in the absence of a central authority with Hyperledger Sawtooth.

The Linux foundation governs the platform, and the Smart Contract Functioning feature is present in the Hyper Sawtooth. Experts can use it as data managing support for different industries.

6.    Ripple

Ripple provides dedicated support to the finance industry since its invention in 2012. It executes multiple tasks like digital exchange assets from banks and corporates and sets up connections with the payment providers.

Many big brands rely on Ripple as a trustworthy blockchain platform that comes with all essential features.

7.    Tezos

Tezos is a cross-industry blockchain platform that enables easy management of work from multiple industries. The Tezos platform is decentralized and connected to the Tez digital token.

However, the mining of Tezos is not connected to Tez. Smart Contract Functioning is enabled in the Tezos platform. And it works on the ‘Permissionless’ ledger.

8.    IBM Blockchain

IBM Blockchain Platform is the perfect option for businesses to maintain their trust and transparency amongst their clients and customers. As a corporate giant dealing with technology, IBM is globally famous. The blockchain platform of IBM allows the experts to carry out company operations with ease.

Moreover, one can get excellent customer support from a team that works on blockchain platform designing and management.

9.  EOS

The EOS blockchain Platform came into the market with the support of a company named This company disputed massive numbers of tokens globally to ensure cryptocurrency becomes accessible to all.

As a result, experts can now use the EOS blockchain platform and its features for free and make suitable environments as per their necessities. The absence of charges has made EOS one world’s sort-after blockchain platform.

10. OpenChain

OpenChain a blockchain platform from Conproism, and it ensures public access. Every company using the OpenChain platform can design their systems according to their necessities. In the finance industries the OpenChain platform is one of the best platform. Business can track all transactions with ledgers help.

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Final Words

In the future, support from the blockchain platforms will gain vitality for most industries. As blockchain platforms’ usage is easy, user-friendly, and customizable, experts have to put fewer efforts to manage complicated data management processes.

Blockchains will mobilize the future of transactions at every level and provide leading technology to enterprises. 

However, a business must check if a particular blockchain platform can work according to their needs. Moreover, one should also consider other factors like maintenance and charges.

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