New battery technology for Smartphone and electric car

The battery of the Smartphone will last for five days: Even today, many people are worried about the battery of Smartphone. Now the hassle of charging of phone repeatedly every day as before has been greatly reduced. Yet companies working on new technologies have been active in trying to discover more advanced technologies. As a result of so much research, it has become possible to develop a new technology through which the battery of a Smartphone will last for five consecutive days. battery technology for Smartphone will definitely help the people who use smartphone randomly.

New battery technology for electric car

This technology will be used in cars instead of smart phones. It can drive more than 1,000 kilometers without charging the car battery a second time. The new battery solution will use the new combination instead of the current lithium-ion combination. Lithium-ion batteries have long been used for power backups on smart phones, smart watches and pacemakers. It is thought that with this battery a device can run for up to five days.

Electric-car-battery technology for Smartphone

Instead, researchers have used lithium-sulfur combinations to achieve ultra-high capacity, and the results have been quite different. The credit for this phenomenon goes entirely to researchers at Monash University in Australia. According to the researchers, their team has successfully reconfigured the design of the sulfur cathode and used it in place of the current battery combination.

According to the developers, the battery technology will be tested this year in cars and other electrical equipment, which is expected to benefit the Australian electric car market. However, this battery may be used in smart phones very soon. But no information has been given in this regard.

Tech company Sharp announcement

Last year tech company Sharp announced the launch of their Sharp 7 phone. The company claimed that the battery of this phone will last up to one week. The Sharp 7 is actually the company’s Aquos Sense 3 Lite Smartphone that the company has rebranded. On top of that, the Sharp 7 phone will be updated as it is part of the Android One program.

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