Global leadership change by Coronavirus

Is a change in global leadership imminent?

The severity and prevalence of corona virus has increased so much that about 500 million people in the world are virtually under house arrest. The big cities of the world today are haunted cities. The whole of Europe is helpless against the Coronavirus. The United States has the highest number of people infected with the corona virus. At the moment, the corona virus is a global crisis, but its impact on geopolitics is far-reaching. Steps to tackle the US corona, the driver of global leadership, and the role of China, a geopolitical rival, will restructure global leadership in the coming days.

France became weaker in post-World War I global politics. Ever-rival Britain emerges as the sole superpower. After World War II, the United States became an important power. Britain’s missteps in the wake of the Suez Crisis put the United States in the lead. The geopolitical impact of the Corona crisis is so great that it will go down in history as a turning point.

The United States mistake in this pandemic time

The United States is gradually distancing itself from global responsibility. Unilateral withdrawal from the climate agreement, exit from the TPP, rise of populist politics, reversal of globalization, and pushing away important partners by imposing trade war and so on USA is going back.


At the recent Munich Security Conference, the debate between the West and the United States became public. The main theme of the conference was the growing erosion of influence in the Western world and the growing influence of Russia and China in the international arena. In his opening remarks, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said the United States was rejecting the idea of ​​an “international community.” In addition, the deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan will only help the United States fall into a geopolitical reality. The U.S. government’s turmoil in dealing with the latest Corona has largely highlighted its lack of efficiency and capability.

local organizations have failed to curb the outbreak of corona

Despite adequate preparation time, local organizations have failed to curb the outbreak of corona. There is a lack of insects, masks, ventilators, PPE, medicine required for testing. It has sent letters to embassies asking for help from others. Although it wanted to help China at the beginning of the outbreak, it is now struggling to provide the necessary medical equipment in its own country.

Although the Corona crisis is global, the United States is running alone without an alliance. Europe has stopped flying without informing its allies. The European Union has reacted angrily. For the past seven decades, the United States has valued joint efforts and alliance building in international crises. Consistently the United States has failed here as well. China is making up for this failure.

China is highlighting in the media the steps and effectiveness it has taken to stop Corona. On the one hand, the success of the Chinese model, on the other hand, the institutional failure of the United States is being propagated to the world through its own media, article writers, diplomats, which will strengthen China’s global partnership in responding to the crisis. Italy, which has failed to get help from the European Union, also sees China as a friend of danger.

European Integrity: What is Vision

Regionalism is an important concept in post-World War II internationalism, institutionalized through the founding of the European Union. Efforts were made to unite the European countries through the Maastricht Treaty and the Schengen Zone. Brexit, protectionist economic policies, the politics of racism, the French-German domination, the crisis in Greece – all have cracked European integrity. In the Corona crisis, each country puts its own interests first, rather than a common European policy. The European Union has failed to play an effective role. Like others, every country in Europe has closed its borders. Corona will have an impact on the next European Union. Institutional failure in the crisis will strengthen right-wing populists, anti-immigration, protectionists in domestic politics. The Serbian president dismissed European integration as a “story” and said “China is the only country that can help us.”


China’s global and regional connectivity

President Xi Jinping called Corona a global crisis and announced to work together with the international community. While Trump is moving away from the Let’s Go Alone policy, China is being praised for extending a helping hand to the world. European nations have failed to help Italy, but China has sent 1,000 ventilators, 2 million masks, 100,000 breathing aids, 20,000 protective clothing and 50,000 test kits. Many refer to China’s initiative as an attempt to increase its global influence.


China is extensively maintaining contact with various countries. Coronavirus prevention is working with various groups and regional organizations in Asia, Europe, and Africa. ’17 + 1 ‘in Europe, Shanghai Co-operation Organization, ASEAN is part of this process. As the China-US conflict escalates and China’s influence is monitored, Beijing is becoming a world leader in protecting public health.

Signs of the break-up of the European Union

The post-crisis world will face new political-economic realities. The bitterness of the relationship between the two sides of the Atlantic will increase in the future. Signs of the break-up of the European Union are becoming clear, and Russia’s presence will be even stronger. China’s multi-polar global system reform agenda will accelerate. The Western world is divided on policy-making. The leadership vacuum in world politics is becoming increasingly acute.

Is China moving towards claiming appropriate global leadership to enact new rules?

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