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Every minute, more than 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. In the midst of so much competition you must have put yourself out of the count and admit that it is very difficult to gain subscribers and fame on this Vblogging platform. But, are you doing anything wrong? What if you left all the competition behind and became popular on YouTube? how to get subscribers on YouTube fast? One of the ways to determine your popularity on YouTube is to see how many subscribers you have through this popular social media. The more subscribers you have, the more views your videos consistently gain.

Strategies to see subscribers growth on YouTube

Many of those who upload videos to YouTube do not use any strategy to increase subscribers. But the strategy is here. If you can create strategies for subscriber growth, then you can be like all the YouTubers that are succeeding on YouTube. We will analyze different media marketing strategies and focus on how you can implement them.

Choose a specific theme for YouTube channel

The channel needs a theme before starting anything on this Vblogging platform. A look at some of the top YouTube channels shows that most of them work with a specific theme. If your channel has a theme, this will be the specific place for content related to the theme. Your channel provides a specific niche, people who think deeply about that niche or work on it will surely be subscribers to your channel. That way, whenever you post a new video, they’ll learn something unique about their interests – so, they’ll be able to learn more about what they’re interested in.

An example YouTube channel

For example, consider that your videos are all about LinkedIn marketing and your goal is to help merchants. If a business wants to learn about LinkedIn marketing and subscribe to your channel, they will get instant updates on your posts on LinkedIn marketing. This allows them to be ahead of others with less effort. If you are struggling to come up with a theme, think about how your business is solving the problem and for whom. Then make a video on those topics for your audience.

Post engaging video content to see subscribers on YouTube

70% of marketers report that video works better than other types of media as like electronics media, print media, social media, etc. If you want results like this, you need to learn how to create great content for your media platform. Plus, You can create awesome content, it will be easier to get a lot of work done to grow your subscribers for the next step.


When someone subscribes to your channel, they basically sign up to get updates on each new videos. If your content is good, no one will mind hearing from you again and again. The initial interaction with you and your content was positive.

People take time out to see good content

Remember that people take time out to see good content. 75% of business executives watch work-related videos every day. This is a good foundation for your media platform that will expand social networks. 55% of senior executives share content on their social networks. So if your content is really good, you will benefit from it to see more subscribers on YouTube.

But keep in mind that even if your videos are good, you need to remind them to subscribe – and it’s not easy to focus on.

So, how do you create awesome video content? To create good quality content, you need to focus on producing relevant video content for your target market / audience. If you work with one of the previously mentioned themes, it will not be difficult to find ways to produce valuable content. Suppose you want to create a channel that will deal with the subject of ‘Dog feeding’. Typing broad keywords for ‘Dog feeding’ on the YouTube search engine can be a way to get ideas.

Production quality can improve your video quality

When videos start to bring returns from your visitors, you can focus more on production quality. Here is some advice:

You must make sure that what you are saying is easily understood and make sense. It is important to speak clearly and enthusiastically. You just have to be more strategic with the help you render toward other people. Otherwise, people will not be able to understand what you are saying.

If you are recording using a phone or a laptop, that microphone may not be enough. So, you invest in a standard microphone to get more clear record.

Make sure it’s easy to see what you’re recording

Understanding what is happening should not be difficult for your audience. This means always ensuring enough light on your video content. If you are recording a talking head style video, where you are talking on camera, make sure your face is clearly visible without noise and shaking. Even, someone is recording you, make sure the camera doesn’t vibrate. If you are recording your laptop screen, make sure that all your work is clearly visible and that what you are typing is going to be read…

There are several solutions for video editing

What I want to say about video editing is that the type of videos needs to be improved. Where editing can come in handy is when you need to cut part of your video or add a title screen on your video. If you’re not the perfect video editor, you can hire someone from Upwork or even Fiverr. Alternatively, you can buy a video editing suite and learn it yourself for more advanced video creation without help of others. This method can save money, but you will have to spend a lot more time learning video editing, which will take time away from your media marketing. Depending on your circumstances, this may not be the best way.

Another way to post good content might be to create some videos of your product being used. You can even make a video with some of your blog posts. 55% of executives are more interested in watching a video than writing. This is the key to creating incredible content. The next point is going to be essential if you want to make sure your subscribers are constantly growing without any promotion.

Post video consistently

This is probably the hardest part of increasing YouTube following – though it’s the most important. 95% of Bitcoin/Crypto currency companies plan to use video marketing from next year to get more engagement on business. Consistently posting content is a great way to get more visitors. If you constantly post new content, visitors will have a reason to subscribe and post on their social networks. You don’t post content, viewers won’t want to subscribe. Posting new content will not be difficult if you use the tips mentioned earlier.

How often should I post?

You want to keep things simple, look at what your competitors are doing and stay one step ahead of them. However, the best plan is the one that you can do firmly. So, just create a schedule that you will adhere to firmly, either way. It is important that you adhere to the schedule to the best of your ability.

Adjustment is important in media marketing, because it brings back existing customers. This will increase the number of views and engagement of the subscribers with the video.

The engagement with the video is as follows:

Thumbs up or thumbs down

Sharing through social




You will definitely want to increase the level of participation in each of these sections through social media sites. People like to engage with content on YouTube and did you know that 100 million people take ‘social action’ on YouTube content every week? You’ll be even more surprised that 92% of mobile video viewers share content with others. This is organic social media marketing.

Another mind-boggling fact is that 600 videos are shared on Twitter every minute. So while YouTube is not a social media site, it is a valuable weapon for social media marketing platforms. More engagement will help make the video more visible on the YouTube search engine.

Make some evergreen unique videos

The great way to build a consistent subscriber is to create some evergreen unique videos. Basically the videos will be the ones that can be watched now or even 5 years later. This will apply to some niches more than others. For example, I was talking about the pencil drawing business before and naturally its content is evergreen.

How to’ national content can be evergreen

How to’ national content can be evergreen. So, take a look at your niche and see if you can create some ‘how-to’ videos that will last a lifetime. Even if you don’t want to create an evergreen video, try creating a ‘how to’ video. More than 80% of such videos are viewed on social media sites and directly on YouTube every year.

In the first four months of 2015 alone, 100 million hours of “how to” videos were viewed – a huge demand for this type of content.

More than 70% of senior executives now watch online videos than they did a year ago. So in order to be a subscriber to your channel, you must first present your video to them and click on it. So how do you get people to pay attention to your video and get them to click on your video?

Three things you need to focus on – images, titles and descriptions

Three elements will have the amazing impact on influencing YouTube visitors to click on your videos. Make sure the Meta tag is relevant and includes key points for every video. This will help in your ranking in YouTube search engine surely. It will entice users to click on the videos and share them on social media. Just as you should spend a lot of time monitoring the titles of your blog posts, you should also spend a lot of time focusing on a video title.

So, how do you create a good title for your video?

If your video is based on a specific keyword, its title will reflect this word. When you do this, the chances of your video clicking will increase. The title of the video matches what they are looking for, they will assume that the video is related to what they are looking for. This does not mean that you will create ridiculous headlines. ‘Keyword stuffing’ can do you more harm than good.

Communicate with your audience:

Another way to increase the number of subscribers is to attract your visitors. There are many ways to do this.

First you need to respond to any of your comments on your videos. This will make people think that their opinion is being evaluated. Plus, you can encourage everyone to subscribe through this effort. If there are any negative comments on your YouTube videos, you should respond positively to them immediately. It will ultimately contribute to the growth of customers because people will see this interaction in your videos and appreciate the positive feedback you give.

Host a question and answer session

The second option is to host a question and answer session. You can do this using Google Hangouts and even ask viewers at the end of the video to post their questions in the comments section.

Then, in the next video you can spend some time through your questionnaire.

Another way to connect with viewers is to make videos on what they want. For example, you can ask your audience what they want from you. Then you can create a video based on a viewer’s suggestion and call them to the video you created.

This may seem a little scary because YouTube relies entirely on video. But with its huge user base, it would be foolish to ignore the huge potential that it represents. One of the keys to YouTube’s continued success is having a lot of subscriber channels. To increase the number of subscribers you need to apply different media marketing strategies.

Key is to create exceptional content all the time to see more subscribers on YouTube

The key is to create exceptional content all the time that will impress people so much that they will want to hear from you again. You need to create interesting thumbnails and incredible titles that will increase the views of your videos by ensuring share on organic social networks. When people finally click on your videos you need to make sure they are aware of the subscription option. This means that you need to use annotations to actively remind you to subscribe at the end of your videos.

However, once you understand the basics, you can experiment with collaboration and YouTube ads. Needless to say, if you work hard enough, YouTube will open the door to endless possibilities for you in the future.

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