Benefits of exercise- increase body immune system

2,500 years ago, Hippocrates, the father of modern medical science, said that the best medicine for humans is to walk – walking. In the medical field, the benefits of exercise or exercise have not been explained, but its widespread availability has been found in many places including body exercises, arthritis, and paralysis.

Practice means we feel physically or physically working or doing something regularly. Exercise calms the body and relieves emotional turmoil. Generally, exercise daily is essential for everyone. Exercise plays an important role in the development of a person’s mental and physical well-being. That is why it has been said that a healthy body is healthy mind. Therefore regular and moderate exercise is precondition to keep body healthy.

Exercise keeps our body fit for physical fitness and health. Keeps healthy refresh not only this, but also our contribution to the rebuilding of our body. Exercise increases our muscles, helps to reduce weight. Regular exercise reduces the pace of age and old age. An exercise increase heart function and helps prevent cardiovascular disease. Exercise increases our immune system and helps prevent many diseases.

Exercise helps to be good for heart and not type 2diabetes and also plays a role in preventing many types of cancer. Do not forget that health is the root of all happiness. Health is a valuable resource for people.

The reasons for the exercise

Benefits of exercise- People who maintain moderate exercise who have good health and maintain healthy lifestyle. Physical exertion and exercise requirements in every step of life are immense.

Boys and girls of this era, young people eat more fast-food and they get older. We need more fatty food than regular food, but it should have less fond foods, while the body needs less food than the fatty food, but it should be affectionate. This is the common problem of fat people who are also a social problem. If someone is not entitled to good health, they cannot be happy and they cannot contribute to the nation also. Therefore, to avoid these obstacles, the youth society must be aware now and all walks of life, old and young will have to exercise.

Exercise is also important for students…there should be a syllabus for proper exercise in each school, college. Experiences feel that those who are trained and skilled on the exercise include the need to include them for their classes. There should be playground in each school-college. Life needs to be started from the beginning of life; So that its benefits can be enjoyed throughout life.

Office, court, workplace laboratory is also needed. Rest, joy, and healthy body can play an important role in increasing the pace of the mind. Exercise cannot be better than an alternative health care.

For the sake of the body, such as exercise requires a few moments. Healthy spirit is helpful for physical improvement. And the healthy body makes the mind strong and fit and helps in winning the battle. Regular walking, swimming, bicycling, and exercising, according to the doctor’s advice, can be controlled by pain and can be easily prevented from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and excess fatness.

Exercise- increase body immune system

Benefits of exercise- The human body is a fortress special. To protect it from the enemy’s attack, it must be strengthened through body exercises.

Forty is the time of youth to reach old age. And fifty is the youth of old age. All diseases run towards an age-and it is old age. Time has to be surrendered to everyone. Yet we try to prevent as far as possible. The diseased body weakens the immune system. The opposite name of happiness is a disease. When we are sick, we can understand how important it is to remain healthy. Healthy body can give you calm mind, I have a long life. We all expect a long life. We all should work physical. Exercise to be taken out of time.

Morning exercise is more beneficial for the body especially for diabetics. At least 5 days a week, 30-45 minutes walking, refreshing the body’s sweat, refreshes the depression, relaxes sadness, sleeps well, increases the urge to increases immunity. So do not delays anymore, exercise regularly, keep the body healthy…Everyone needs to be aware, in his actions, rest and exercise.

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