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Bulldogs antiques worldwide- Hi there readers I hope your all safe and well, what an honor it is for me to be blogging about bulldogs in Bangladesh thank you to Khan and this brilliant website for giving me the opportunity to tell people half way around the world about my bulldog passion and how it started.

My family with Bulldogs antiques

I came from a large poor family. Even,I didn’t have much in the way of opportunity in my life and fate led me a blow on the night we bought our new baby home. I was stabbed in a home invasion that same evening and after months in hospital.

I came out to addicted to medication and lost my job Years went by I got more depressed and as my daughter got older. In addition, I worried about her schooling and how would I pay for her university fees !

As I was thinking this I was stroking our first rescue bulldog scruffy and out of the blue this idea came to mind. I did all my research first to make sure my idea was a true original. And when I found out bulldog memorabilia was big business I knew I had stumbled upon synapse gold just like the one best idea you’ll ever have well that’s Bulldogs Antiques


Bulldogs antiques worldwide- I started what was then a fledgling collection of bulldog antiques not worth much but I was on my way. I started with a brass plain bulldog bought for 25 pound and sold it for 40 pound, that’s how it first started. I started up social media accounts and even became a shopper for some where I had this untapped knowledge of bulldog memorabilia meaning I could source the best pieces.

My own collection now boasts a staggering 5000 or so pieces from museum loans antiques collectibles modern and even custom made pieces and all now featured on the worlds very first bulldog memorabilia collection, I have a dream to one day open a real museum bulldog related but until then Collectibulldogs will have to remain online.

Find us

You can find us on most formats our biggest being twitter @collectibulldog is hitting up on 182 thousand followers there and we also have a YouTube channel if you’d like to see our bulldog singing? Yep that’s correct modern tech means my dog is on their belting out tunes, come check us out at COLLECTIBULLDOGS And wiggles

It’s been a great two years full of both joy and frustration the website now has a new host and we have plans for our one and only website in 2019, remember there’s 1-8 billion websites out there and there’s only one Collectibulldogs or the niche behind it.


Let me tell you a bit about http://Collectibulldogs.com  not only are we the first past the post at everything we do ie the collection the website all the formats even the ebook I wrote is a first and in this time Collectibulldogs has picked up a couple of awards just for originality, isn’t that cool you knock out an article not knowing if anyone is reading and months later awards are coming in.

If you can think of relatable posts Collectibulldogs would consider publishing them and just like your reading my article written in the UK I can post your article on my website out to hundreds of thousands of potential readers, we have a guest post area COME USE IT.

Our own blog articles are all original you will not find us on any Wikipedia pages I cannot believe myself just how niche we are and #collectibulldogs is only used by one website and that’s us even the name itself is a little brash work of art.

Not all our blogs are bulldog related so if you come guest there’s scope for unrelated articles just do not ask me to publish rude or any articles way off course for example today I got an email from a person stating they had a crypto currency article for me to publish THATS A NO NO it’s a million miles from dogs let alone antiques.


So great people of Bangladesh and beyond I hope you do click on our links you won’t be disappointed the website is so good even other websites want to link up, come over see our galleries and have a good nose through our blogs and if you like what you see you can help us out a lot.

By just leaving a comment on a blog article or showing us your support by giving us 5 stars on the trustpilot app featured on the website the folks that work there sure would be surprised to see the Bangladeshi language used in commending Collectibulldogs, it all helps our little nonprofit website where I’m solely responsible for all its debts.

2019 will be a year of celebration for me and mine I got married to my childhood sweetheart last November we didn’t get to honeymoon due to my wife’s dads poor health but as that situation draws to a close it’s a break from bulldog collecting and hopefully a lovely trip somewhere hot hey i here Bangladesh is beautiful hmmmm.

Thank you again to the websites owner for this opportunity to let Bangladesh and beyond know about this little English website created by an English fella out of desperation but now has an award winning bulldog memorabilia collection worth 10s of 1000s of pounds and surely we are so unique someone will take notice one day, enjoy the website and thank you for reading my article all the best from England Eiffion and wiggles, Guest post. Jan 2019.

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