New Chinese technology inventions surprising the world

We all know that Great China is the most popular country in the world for its population. Although the current technological discoveries in this country will surprise you a little, you will also be surprised to see some Chinese technology in this article.

So today I will talk to you about some of the technologies in China. Today’s article is based on some recent discoveries in China.

Electronic transport system with Chinese technology

At present, in many parts of the world, especially in developed cities, efforts are being made to make electronic transport. In this sector, it can be said that in various urban areas of China is almost in the first stage. Although just a few years ago, most of the state of China was unhealthy and uninhabitable. Chinese are still the most popular in the world. But beside innovations of various international organizations their extraordinary innovations are going ahead.

For this they have made some long term plans. They have made huge solar system area for power generation. According to various organizations, 9,500 electronic buses are currently manufactured in China every five weeks..Which are later sent to different parts of the world.

Surprisingly, there are currently about 3 million or more buses in the world, most of which are powered by diesel or gas. Of these, only 40,000 buses are electrically operated, 90 percent of which are made in China.

Vertical firm in China New Chinese technology inventions

Vertical-firm-of-Chinese technology

Although our country is new to artificial crop production, China has been doing this for a long time. If you are thinking of producing grain in different areas, especially in urban areas, it may seem a bit strange, but the Chinese have been doing this extraordinarily intelligent job.

The Chinese are making different crops on each floor of the building in a small range. As a result, it is convenient to produce many grains on the same place. Commercial grain production was first reported in China. The best thing about this process is that you can grow a variety of vegetables under the same roof, which may not be possible on ordinary land.

Robotic Hotel in China

Alibaba-FlyZoo-Hotel- Chinese technology

If you feel annoyed at the hotel staff while staying at the hotel then this Robotic hotel is the best solution for you. The 300-room hotel was built last year in Hangzhou, China. The funny thing is that this hotel does not require any passport or key, the face recognition system of this hotel will solve all the work starting from your room service. If you need anything in the hotel room, just give voice command and Robert will come with your desired item.

Medical Robot in Kindergarten

In almost 5,000 schools in China, children are given free tests on the body’s major organs with the help of free machines. This robot can also tell the different conditions of the body of children. Although it may not be possible to complete the work of a doctor with this robot but initially, daily checkups for children are at least a bit of a relief for their parents.

Smart dustbin Chinese technology

The Robot Dustbin is made by the Chinese where the whole world is very concerned about this issue of garbage. Although this dustbin is not open to everyone at the moment, only registered people can throw garbage in this dustbin. Also, if someone forgets to leave his registered dustbin and throws dirt in the next dustbin, the dustbin will immediately tell him that there is another dustbin for him.

Interestingly, this dustbin also has a camera and fingerprint facility like an ATM booth. Through which the Robot Dustbin basically identifies different people.

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