Quantum Computing: Google announces a new technology

Google’s AI Quantum Team has taken another step forward in the field of quantum computing. Google’s sycamore quantum processor has been able to complete a calculation in three and a half minutes. It would take 10,000 years to make solution by the most powerful computer in the world.

The Wright brothers first tested aviation 117 years ago in North Carolina, USA. Their flight lasted only 12 seconds. But the experience of those 12 seconds floating in the air opened the door to a great possibility in front of people. From today’s drone technology to all the unimaginable technology of war or passenger aircraft, the source of success is in those 12 seconds.

Much has changed from today’s communication system to the discovery of this flight technique. Everything has changed, starting with the economy. Today’s world would never have been possible without the success of those 12 seconds. Google’s scientists have brought such a success. They have announced a solution to a problem using quantum technology, which could have stunned even the world’s top supercomputers. And they have described this success as “quantum domination.”

Quantum Supremacy

Google’s AI Quantum team with Quantum Computing

Google’s AI (artificial intelligence) Quantum team says they are one step closer to quantum computing. Quantum computers want to rely on the technology of inserting huge amounts of information using the diverse properties of tiny particles, which are not only able to use the two numbers of the current computer binary system separately, but also at the same time. Better yet, it is based on the quantum mechanics theory of physics, where particles and waves become much more integrated in the case of tiny particles. The transformation and existence of these two are equally active.

quantum-computing technology
Computing technology

Google’s AI Quantum Team has taken another step forward in the field of quantum computing, according to a report published in the famous science journal Nature. Google’s Sycamore processor has been able to complete a calculation in three and a half minutes, which would take 10,000 years to make by the most powerful computer in the world.

Complete success in this field can lead to the discovery of an unexpected world structure, where the concept of communication, the method of storing information and even the view of the universe will change.

Competition to create quantum computers

There is competition among the world’s largest technology companies to create quantum computers. Powerful countries are also involved in this competition. Because, having this technology in hand means gaining the power to rule over others in various fields including security, trade. As a result, Google’s discovery is equally important not only for Google, but also for the United States.

With quantum computers, it is possible to calculate not only big calculations, but also can destroy the entire internet system in a few minutes. So whoever comes first with this technology will enjoy the advantage of being many times ahead of others. Undoubtedly, Google and the United States are getting the benefit in this case. It was removed again after the success of the invention was published on the NASA website. At the time, Google did not acknowledge any such success. But this time they accepted it by publishing the research report.

The Hype Over Quantum Computers

Google’s success, of course, is now being discussed. Their competitors are raising various questions about Google’s claim. According to IBM, the current computer may take two and a half days to do the calculations that Google is talking about. They also objected to Google’s use of the term “quantum supremacy.” They say that, as Google puts it, it seems that the current computer system has become ineffective through this.

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