Chinese troops in Ladakh, Galwan Valley claims their own

Chinese troops in Ladakh- Residents of Ladakh, a mountainous region of India, are seeing lightning signals from the Chinese army’s aggressive armaments in Galwan. Many defense experts believe that a war between China and India is imminent if a quick solution is not found.

This time the preparation of 10,000 Chinese troops for the Line of Actual Control is completely different than the previous time. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has set up more than 100 tents in the Galwan Valley in the past two weeks. Meanwhile, they are claiming the Galwan Valley as their own.

China has deployed an additional 2,000 to 2,500 troops in the Pangong So and Galwan valleys, according to a report in Online News Portal, citing Indian military sources.

Chinese troops are also trying to build several bunkers in Galwan. India has also increased troop mobilization in disputed areas along the Line of Actual Control. As a result, after the Doklam situation in 2016, there has been renewed tension between India and China on the Line of Actual Control.

Meanwhile, China later refused to call on India to hold a flag meeting to resolve the situation.

On the other hand, a Chinese defense website close to the PLA claims that the entire Galvan River Valley is part of China.

Tensions are high on the Indo-China border in Ladakh

Chinese troops in Ladakh- Tensions are running high between China and India over control of the border area. Beijing claims that Indian troops have crossed the Line of Control into China. India’s counter-allegation is that China is violating the Line of Control. Delhi has also accused Beijing of building more than 100 bunkers in the border area. In this situation, both sides have deployed additional troops.


Several Chinese warplanes have been seen flying over the Indo-China border in Ladakh. The Indian Army is monitoring the situation very close to the Line of Actual Control. Indian warplanes are also patrolling. Pakistan has opened fire on the border of Jammu and Kashmir. According to Indian Army sources, Pakistan is firing to further critical situation in this current situation.

World leaders are of the opinion that this situation will bring bad things for both India and China. In the midst of this uncertain situation in the world, world leaders believe that China and India should handle the situation on the basis of compromise.

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