Some tips to keep Android smartphone safe 2021

Smartphones have become an integral part of everyday life. From shopping to movie ticket booking or taxi booking can now be done sitting at home courtesy of Smartphone. Bank account information and transaction accounts are protected on that phone. So don’t leave that Smartphone unprotected in any way. Find out in this report how to protect your favorite smartphone. keep Android smartphone safe with 10 important tips.


10 tips to keep Android Smartphone safe and secure

1. Use PIN or pattern on lock screen: Never leave the phone screen unlocked. If someone else sees your phone’s gallery or storage, surely you don’t want that. So the phone’s lock screen must be protected with a password. Make sure; don’t give a very simple password or pattern ‘lock’. If you set the password with 123 after the name or your date of birth, but it can be easily unlocked.

2. Let the password be in the app too: Not only in the phone, but also in the useful app. Also keep the apps you use regularly, such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, password protected. Some banking or payment apps have inbuilt passwords, otherwise you can lock them using a third party app.

3. Caution before downloading: Download the app from any trusted site like Google Play Store. Be sure to check the privacy policy and download the app. Many Smartphones stop installing apps from trusted sites. Many people turn it on manually. In that case, however, be extra careful.

4. Don’t skip app permissions: Even though it sounds like kidding, many people don’t read app permissions. Before downloading and running an app, see what permissions the app is asking for on your phone.


5. Don’t forget to download Android Device Manager: Android Device Manager will help you find you’re lost Smartphone. So don’t forget to download this useful app on the new Smartphone.

6. Comply with Google Authentication: Turn on two-step verification in the Google app. As a result, even if anyone knows your Gmail password, no one will be able to open your account until OTP arrives. If someone else hacks your Google account, a message will come to your phone.

7. Put anti-virus app on the phone: Don’t forget to have an anti-virus app on Smartphone. Google has many free anti-virus apps. If you have money in your pocket, you can also buy any Smartphone friendly anti-virus app from the market.

8. The wise thing to do is to avoid public Wi-Fi: Public Wi-Fi is never 100% secure. So avoid public Wi-Fi at train stations or shopping malls. Don’t forget to turn off Wi-Fi when needed.

9. Also be careful with Bluetooth: Like Wi-Fi, turn off Bluetooth when it’s done. You can also be a target of hackers through Bluetooth.

10. Do not root the device: Don’t forget to ‘root’ the Smartphone. There are several benefits to routing, but this can lead to malware infiltrating your Smartphone.

If you follow these simple rules, you will see that your Smartphone will be safe.

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