Donald Trump speech against Joe Biden

Donald Trump speech- US President Donald Trump has launched an unprecedented attack on Joe Biden. Note that the presidential election is going to be held in November this year. Democrat candidate Joe Biden has challenged current US President Donald Trump. This time, Donald Trump taunted his rival and said that if Joe Biden came to power after winning the November 3 election, he would sell America to China.

In a virtual meeting on the last day of the Democratic National Convention, 77-years-old Joe Biden officially accepted the Democratic Party’s nomination and announced that he would run against Donald Trump, 74, in the next election.

If Joe Biden comes to power, China will rule over the United States

Donald Trump speech- If Joe Biden comes to power, China will rule over the United States: Donald Trump… Speaking at the 2020 session of the Council for National Policy, Donald Trump said, “The time has come to reject the politics of anger and violence of the Democratic Party. The most significant selection of our lives is ahead. No party can lead America that spends so much time dividing America.

Do you know what was the biggest topic of Joe Biden’s speech last night? He did not say anything about that. He did not speak out about the enactment of the law. He also made no comment about restoring law and order and security in Democrat-held cities. The most important thing is that the issue of China did not come up even once in his speech. I am saying one thing – if Joe Biden wins the election and comes to power, China will rule us. We can’t let it be. You have seen the intelligence report. China desperately wants Joe Biden to come to power. But if China wanted me in power, I would be more insulted. ‘

Donald Trump vs Joe Biden

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