Trump polls is criticized for telling voters to vote twice

Although the US presidential election will be held on November 3, the postal voting process will start from Friday. People in the state of North Carolina are being sent mail-in ballot papers. President Trump has advised voters to vote twice before voting in the state.

In the context of the Corona crisis, it is assumed that the majority of voters will vote by mail in this year’s presidential election. That is why multiple states are sending ballot papers to all voters in the mail. But Trump’s “illegal” persuasion has sparked a storm of criticism in the country.

In some states, such votes are counted two weeks before the election. The rest of the state did that after the election. According to experts, the overall picture will not emerge on election night due to the record number of postal votes. And President Donald Trump has opposed the “mail in” vote from the beginning.

Trump has been criticized for telling voters to vote twice

Trump polls- Trump complained that there was a risk of fraud. However, he could not provide any evidence. Unable to stop that process, he called on North Carolina voters to vote twice. President Trump himself has advised people to go to the polls once by post and once in person.

According to him, this is the only way to verify the effectiveness of the election process. If that process is perfect, no voter will get a second chance to vote after voting by post.

In some states, such as North Carolina, it is not only illegal to vote more than once, it is also a crime to encourage someone to do so. North Carolina State Attorney General and Democratic Party member Josh Stein made the allegations against the president in a tweet.

According to him, Trump is seeking to help create chaos in the election by encouraging voters to break the law. However, the Trump camp has denied such allegations.

Facebook said the video of Trump calling for a two-time vote would be removed in line with the company’s policy. Any version of the video will be removed without comment or sharing the video on behalf of the President. Twitter also “flagged” Trump’s remarks.

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