Facebook against Bangladeshi Hacker CRAF and DONS

Facebook, the largest social media platform, has taken action against two Bangladeshi hacker groups. The two hacker groups are the Crime Research and Analysis Foundation (CRAF) and the Defense of Nations (DONS). The two groups wanted to take control of the IDs and pages of social workers, journalists and people belonging to different religious minorities at different levels in the country and abroad.

Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook’s head of cyber security policy, and Mike Dvilyanski, the cyber risk intelligence manager, made the announcement in a joint statement on Thursday (December 10th).

Fancy fraud, Facebook took action against two hacker groups in Bangladesh

It says Facebook’s cyber security risk experts’ work for incidents such as malicious propaganda, influencing others with malicious intent, and attempting to illegally occupy other people’s accounts. As part of this work, we recently found some such groups from Bangladesh and Vietnam. A Vietnamese group called EPT32 tried to run a vicious Facebook campaign.

On the other hand, two groups in Bangladesh were trying to illegally occupy other people’s IDs and pages. For this, they were ‘reporting’ the personal IDs and page purposes of various individuals and organizations. However, no agreement has yet been reached between the two groups in Bangladesh and the group in Vietnam.

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Facebook against Two Bangladeshi Hacker groups

Highlighting the identities of the two groups in Bangladesh, Facebook said that these two groups in Bangladesh tried to violate our community policy. Dons and CRAF come together to report various IDs and pages on various excuses. After disabling the IDs, the two groups worked to capture those IDs and pages.

Facebook also said that the two groups have been successful in such work. Social media says they have hacked and used the IDs and pages of some such people. The hackers used the email and device (mobile or computer) of the legitimate user of the account to take possession of the account.

These groups in Vietnam, including Bangladesh, have already deleted, according to Facebook. At the same time, Facebook has informed those whose accounts and pages have been hacked. And they have advised users to be more careful about their own safety.

Incidentally, CRAF and DONS have been working as a Facebook community among netizens in Bangladesh for a long time. In particular, the two groups have been demanding that social media users work on a voluntary basis on various cyber issues. So far no statement has come from them about such move of Facebook.

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