Padma Bridge the deepest Pile Bridge in the world

The foundation of the Padma Bridge is still the deepest in the world as a pile bridge. The infrastructure of this bridge has reached a maximum depth of 122 meters. It is a unique addition to the world in bridge construction. Due to some of these more special features, engineering experts believe that this bridge will be included in the textbooks of engineering all over the world.

Engineers say, Bangladesh is a country of silt. That is why hard soil is not available in deep water. This causes the pile to deepen.

The pile of Padma Bridge is the deepest in the world. This job was the most challenging. When the Bangabandhu Bridge was built over the river Jamuna, its pile was also the deepest in the world. Now the Padma Bridge can be called the deepest foundation bridge in the world.

At present the expressway is also considered as a bridge. That’s why it’s hard to list the longest bridges in the world. However, Padma Bridge is going to be the second largest bridge built in the Indo-Gangetic plain. The Indo-Gangetic plain covers most of the north and east of India, the eastern part of Pakistan, the southern part of Bangladesh and Nepal.

According to Indian media NDTV, the longest bridge in the Indo-Gangetic plain is the Bhupen Hazarika Bridge in Assam, India. The 9.15 km long bridge over the Lohit River, a tributary of the Brahmaputra, connects Arunachal Pradesh with the northeastern Indian state of Assam.

Longest Bridge in South Asia

Known as the Ganges in India and the Padma in Bangladesh, the length of the bridge is 6.15 km. The longest bridge built over the Padma-Ganges for so long was the Mahatma Gandhi Bridge in Bihar, India. The 5.75 km long road bridge connects the northern Hajipur with Patna in Bihar. However, it is believed that the Padma Bridge will not be able to hold the title of the longest bridge over the Ganges-Padma for very long. This is because the 9.8 km long Kachchi Dargah-Bidupur bridge is being built on the Ganges in Bihar. Construction of the six-lane road bridge is expected to be completed in November 2021.

The specialty of Padma Bridge is that it has two floors. The train will run at the bottom, the car will run at the top. Bangabandhu Bridge is also a road and railway bridge. However, the railway line has gone by the side of the road in this bridge. The 4.8 km long bridge was inaugurated in June 1998.

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Longest Bridge in the World

Currently, the longest bridge in the world is the Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge in China. According to the BBC, CNN and Chinese state media Xinhua, the 164.6-kilometer-long railway bridge connects the Nanjing area of ​​Jiangsu Province with China’s Shanghai. Some of it went over the water, the rest over the land. The construction of the bridge was completed in just four years with the relentless efforts of 10,000 workers. It was inaugurated in 2011 after construction was completed in 2010. The Guinness Book of World Records has recognized this bridge as the longest bridge in the world in any category. China’s high-speed train runs over the Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge.

According to CNN, the second largest bridge in the world is a railway bridge. The 157 km long bridge is in Taiwan. High speed trains also run over it.

In the last 10 years, there has been a lot of development around the world. There are many big bridges in different countries including China. China has built so many large bridges over the sea that bridges of five, six or seven kilometers in length have become much more common.

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