Guava Juice Drink

Today’s blog I’ve written about guava juice drink recipe. Guava is one of my favorite fruits. It is a delicious fruit that calms the body after eating. In addition to being eaten as a fruit, it can be used to make delicious juices. Find out about cool guava juice drink recipe from my blog. Remember, guava works great to meet the body’s water needs in hot weather. In addition, guava works great to relieve body fatigue. It is a very beneficial fruit for young children as it plays an effective role in bone formation and tooth protection in the body.

Guava juice drink making process:


Guava – 2, Sugar – 1.15 cups, Mint leaves – 1 handful, 1 lemon juice, Honey – 1 tsp, Cold water, Ice Cube, Salt to taste, Chili – 1


1) Cut the guava and discard the inner seeds. Take a small bowl and spread it with sugar and cover it for 5 hours until the sugar melts and mixes. Shake every 1 hour with a spoon.

2) Now mix lemon juice, green chilies, honey and mint leaves in it.

3) Blend well in a blender without water. Strain the blended mixture and take the juice in a bowl. It will be very thick, which you can store in the fridge.

4) Now it’s time to make juice. In a small glass, take 2 ice cubes and 2-3 teaspoons of this thick juice, pour cold water in it, mix well and serve cold. You can also mix a little cumin powder or chili powder with it for flavor.

5) A little testing salt can be used to enhance the taste. Half tablespoon salt is perfect for a glass of guava juice.

Guava is easily available as an alternative fruit of apple as well. Make fresh guava juice to refresh the body and mind and drink it again and again.

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