HOW CAN LIFE GET ANY BETTER- Hi readers and visitors to this great website I’m the owner of the world’s first bulldog memorabilia collection online, the first to exhibit bulldog memorabilia at an exhibition in my home city of Brighton and our websites been live about three to four years now.

I’ll start by saying both Collectibulldogs the website and myself had a turbulent start to the year we lost our adopted bulldog wiggles in March and this devastated not only myself and my family but hundreds of thousands of followers we’ve gained just by people falling in love with her.

Nursing wiggles for over a year took its tole and I became ill myself I had spent a whole year carrying my friend everywhere as her knuckling did not improve, we finally said goodbye just after my birthday and she has left a legacy not many dogs could follow.

I got married to my long term partner last November and we have not had a moment to ourselves since (well maybe a little if you read on) Debbies parents are both in different states of illness and my wife spends much of her time between the nursing home her father resides in and her mums apartment.

How can life get any better?

It’s easy to think hang on this doesn’t sound like a happy article but let me assure you it’s amazing how things can change and quickly too, firstly I’ve sorted out my website I do not feel trapped by any host and now have a dedicated server just for Collectibulldogs and with over three hundred and fifty articles archived we sure need it.

To add to this an investment has been made our bulldog memorabilia website even if one of a kind is getting a total rebuild imagine little us moving up in the online world, hopefully a better website will attract new guest article writers advertising and even just nice blog posts, this is too happen in the next two months.

With new technology come new ideas so I’ll be looking into how I can best utilize virtual reality for advertising purposes and hopefully in the future see if I can either stream to my website or create a virtual museum with a URL, we are a multi award winning website and we wish to earn more and more awards.

I’m also happy because I’ve been promised some new display cabinets! As someone with one of the world’s largest bulldog memorabilia collections space is a priority and I’m always after space as I’m actively still collecting, I’ve seen a style that will fit in if used on the new website but that’s not great news is it.

How can life get any better change?

So I’m here! yes in the hope that you will come visit and see what it’s like what we are about, the work put into the collection, but to also announce IM GOING TO BE A FATHER, yes again and for the second time but we’ve waited seventeen years for this to happen we are beyond happy and why I ask how can life get any better

Guest posts with keyword rich content, tones of hits, twitter follow count, all this went out the window the morning my wife woke me up showing me two pregnancy sticks (she wanted to be sure), my wife is about eleven weeks pregnant at time of this being published and she glows more than The aurora borealis at the top of the world “that’s where we feel we are at the moment.”

Another sixteen years of being a father, it’s easy right now as my daughter is nearly eighteen and yes I do sit here thinking I’m going to be a middle aged father but on the up side we could have a boy or girl that falls in love with what I’m trying to create on behalf of their futures. My daughter does not care much for bulldog memorabilia.

How can life get any better well I suppose for us it cannot get much better than things are right now things are new re-emerging from an unborn child developing nicely to the birth of a new website and after that a new member of our little family, if this gets read a lot please help me pray for a little boy I’m the only Male in a family of females.

Lastly-will my life get any better?

We would like to thank the owner for letting us share this here other versions of our fantastic news will be written for different websites and if you could utilize the social sharing icons we sure would appreciate it and if anyone wishes to get involved we are stuck on picking a baby name so…..

Why not use our email address on our website and contact us with your favorite or best names as at this rate will still will be unable to choose before the birth certificate date is gone by, I’m a very lucky man whom gets a second chance some families do not and I’d like to express dignity in my thoughts to those that have struggled we ourselves cannot believe our own luck.

Eiffion Ashdown guest post contributor

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