how to stay healthy in summer season

How to stay healthy- Anyone can fall at any moment in the tragic hot season, in illness. The temperature of the human body continued to rise as the temperature increased. So if anyone can master the technique to keep body temperature normal then only possible can get rid of the illness!

10 ways to stay healthy in summer

1. Reduce physical activity

Do not need to exercise more in the summer. Exercise will increase body temperature. However, exercising to maintain physical fitness should be limited in summer. Forget about getting comfortable through exercise in hot season; rather keep this thought away for winter. Take a walk in the open air in the morning or swim sometimes. Well, nothing more.

2. Drink enough water

Due to sweat, plenty of water came out from the body. You need to drink a lot more water to fill that water. Apart from this, the temperature of body increases naturally in summer. Want to keep body cells alive? Muscle cannot work properly when there is no sufficient water in the body. So keep up with bottled water where you are in severe heat.

3. Eat more fluid food

Eat foods to reduce body heat. Forget about different meat, eggs and fat foods. Liquid food eats more; you’ll see the body looks pretty fresh. Drink more soup, fruit juices. Do not skip vegetables. Salt goes out from body with sweat. You eat fresh food, saline, coconut water, fill stomach with water melon.

4. Wear dress in light colors

Dark color clothing sunlight absorption power is more than light color dress. But light clothing reflects as much as heat as absorb. So you will feel more comfortable only in light dress, this dress will keep your body cool. The best is the white color when dressed. Never wear synthetic clothing in summer. Always wear cotton yarn and loose clothes.

5. Use perfumes carefully

If you feel hot do not use heavy and hard smell perfumes. Perfumes will increase the heat of your body. At this time, use a light smell perfume. There are some perfumes that feel cold in the body. Search today.

6. Refrain from smoking

If you have a habit of cigarette, then leave it. It will become more hot in the body by smoking…Increasing skin dryness. Rather, take Vitamin C tablet…will feel more comfortable.

7. Leave tea, coffee and alcohol

These will cause adverse reactions in your body…Increases the dehydration. Drink water just to satisfy your thirst…Or soft drinks. Not always tea, coffee or alcohol.

8. Avoid sunlight

Try to walk through the shadow…When you go to sunshine keep in mind to use a wide caps, scarf or umbrella. Take on hood when you in the rickshaw. Use sunscreen cream or lotion when you want to go sunny environment. Take sunglasses. But keep in mind that sunglasses are excellent fitting in the eye. Choose gray or green glasses. It is good to have brown-colored glasses. These glasses will resist sunlight.

9. Take a shower several times

The best is use the cold baths and keep your body in bathtub sometimes. If it is not possible, take a bath for two to three times a day. Do not use anything oil in the body. Take a bath and take a little more time.

10. Lying down on the floor

Put the foam bed or bed away. Wash the floor well. If there is pain on your waist or back, then you have to sleep in the floor. Feel cool in summer by using floor as well as treatment of your back pain.

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