Some Reasons Why Humans May Not Have Come From Earth

Humans May Not Have Come From Earth- We’re the real alien of this earth with our weapons. What we’re doing on earth all things are going against earth nature. We’re not good things for earth. I’m Khan Mashiur Rahman (K. Homer) (Blog writer and researcher about Alien). I had written some articles about Alien few years ago. It’s simply my thinking. I think Aliens are monitoring every step of human life. Because we’re left our past and we forgot our path of our mother planet.

U.S. ecologist scientist Alice Silver’s sensational claim

In his book Humans are not from Earth: a scientific evaluation of the evidence, he seeks to prove by reasoning that ‘man is not a creature of the earth’.

World-renowned scientist Stephen Hawking said long ago, “There are aliens, of course there are.” NASA researchers have used the Kepler Telescope to find 20 planets that may have life on them. NASA’s foremost scientist Allen Stefan, scientist Silvano P. Colombano, scientist Thomas Zurbuchen has said at various times that NASA is not far from aliens. NASA will reach the aliens in a few years.

But recently a scientist has poured water on this statement of NASA. His sensational doctrine has caused a storm among science lovers. He claims that humans are aliens. But science says that the first human species, Homo erectus, was born in Africa about 1.7 million years ago.

Dr. Alice Silver said that humans are alien creatures.

Renowned American ecologist Dr. Alice Silver has narrated in his book, Human Are Not from Earth: A Scientific Evaluation of the Evidence, he seeks to prove that man is not a creature on earth. After a long period of research, he decided that humans were not created on earth like other living things.

Millions of years ago humans were left on Earth from another planet. Dr. Silver says that many of the flaws in the human body mean that Earth is not our own planet. Why is the human body so different from other developed animals in the world! Dr. Ellis Silver’s doctrine stands on this question.

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Here are some glimpses of Dr. Silver’s sensational theory

1.  According to Dr. Silver, all species of plants and animals on earth, except humans, meet their needs directly from the environment. The plant makes its own food from the sunlight, carbon dioxide from the air, and water from the soil. Different species of animals survive on earth by eating plants directly, or by eating other animals. But why do people dislike eating food that is naturally found or sprouted in nature?

According to Dr. Silver, only humans cannot digest food taken directly from the environment. So he meets his food needs in a different way. If man were an animal on earth, he would be able to digest food from the environment just like any other animal.

2. Humans are considered to be the most advanced animals on the planet. But according to Dr. Silver, humans are the most incongruous creatures on earth. Humans are the most unsuitable creatures to survive in the world’s climate. Because, the rest of the creatures of the world can survive under the open sky for the rest of their lives by enduring intense sun, torrential rain. Why can’t people get wet in the rain for hours like all other animals on earth! Why only one person has a ‘sun stroke’ when he is in the hot sun for more than a few hours! Why does our skin turn black if we are exposed to sunlight for a long time?! Why people’s eyes are dazzled by the light of the sun! Other animals do not. Doesn’t this prove that the sun’s rays are not suitable for humans and those humans live on a planet filled with soft light?

3. Why there are so many permanent diseases or chronic diseases in humans! According to Dr. Silver, back ache is one of the most chronic diseases in humans. Most people in the world suffer from this disease. Because humans do not walk around like other animals on earth. As a result, walking and gravity do not help. Do the rest of the world’s animals have pain in the neck, back, waist! This ‘back pain’ disease of man proves that the human body was created to be suitable for living on another planet. The gravity of that planet was much weaker than that of Earth.

4. Some of the world’s longest living creatures, such as the African elephant, the Aldabra and the Galapagos tortoise, the bow-headed whale, the Greater Flamingo, the green-winged macaw, all fall into hysteria after forty! Their hearing decreases with age!

5. Why no human being in the world is 100% healthy! Why everyone suffers from one or more diseases!

6. In order for a human baby’s head to grow, women have to go through a lot of pain to give birth in a normal way. To this day, millions of mothers and babies have died in childbirth. Have millions of females and cubs of any species other than humans died during childbirth? Why don’t human babies learn to walk like the offspring of advanced animals after birth?

7. Why there are 223 extra genes in the human body! Why there are no extra genes in the body of other animals on earth!

8 Researchers studying when it comes to human sleep, they say there are 24 hours a day on Earth, but our body clock says we should have 25 hours a day. Why 25 hours have been allocated for a day on the body clock since the creation of mankind!

Various scientists have widely criticized Dr. Silver’s theory. But many have come and stood by his side again. They say the arguments that Dr. Silver has put forward are not to be dismissed altogether. Really, why are we different from other species in the world. Are we really the animals of the earth! Or we are ruling the earth as aliens! The answer to the mystery is hidden in the womb of time. But the question remains, if man was not created on Earth or if we came to Earth from an alien planet, then who is there and for what NASA spending trillions upon trillions of dollars to find!

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