Food to increase body resistance power

Did you know that we can boost our immune system through our food choices? Since there is no antidote for coronavirus, experts are repeatedly emphasizing the need to increase body resistance. Doctors say there is no pair of vitamin-C to boost the body’s immunity. Learn about foods that can boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, and promote nutritional benefits.

Foods that will increase body resistance to disease

Increase body resistance- According to nutritionists, any lemon contains a lot of vitamin-C. So this time you must eat any kind of lemon. Because all types of lemons increase the body’s resistance. Among them, lemon, orange, musambi are notable.

Experts say that if you want to increase your body’s resistance, you can eat lemon in warm water after waking up in the morning. Or you can mix lemon with tea. You can also put orange or musambi in the diet.

However, even if you want to run a lockdown for a long time, you cannot get lemons in the market. In that case you can eat guava, papaya, and banana fruit instead of lemon.


Many people may have a sore throat or cough at this time of the rainy season. If such a problem occurs, you can boil ginger, black pepper, turmeric and honey together and eat it. It will benefit. You can also increase the use of garlic in cooking at this time. Garlic is very effective in preventing various infections.

Boosting your immune system has never felt so important while it won’t stop you from contact Coronavirus. Healthy immune system can help your body fight it. So boosting your immune system is very important. 

Some foods to boost immune system against coronavirus

Oranges or kiwifruit (kiwis)OatGarlic
Sunflower seedsNutRed Bell
AlmondsGreen teaOily fish
BroccoliSweet potatoesOyster

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