Hottest place on earth Danakil Desert

Those who find pleasure in traveling to exciting places go on an adventurous trip whenever they get a chance. Someone is intoxication to conquer the mountains and someone’s intoxication to conquer the sea. There is no shortage of adventurous places around the world. But there are some places that are as dangerous as they are beautiful. There is danger between adventure and beauty. These places are a favorite of adventurous tourists. Today I will tell you about such a dangerous place. This place is called Danakil Desert. This place is also known as Danakil Depression. Danakil Desert is the hottest place on earth.

Danakil Desert: The cruelest place on earth

The Danakil Desert is located on the Ethiopia-Eritrea border. This is the warmest region in the world. The average temperature is 35 degrees Celsius. Temperatures often exceed 50 degrees Celsius in summer. This desert is one of the cruelest places in nature. Extremely unfavorable conditions have made this place known to the world. Its area is about 52,879 square miles.

This arid area is mainly known for its volcanoes and terribly intense temperatures. There are numerous volcanoes, emitting toxic gases. It goes without saying that there is no rain here. Rarely is rain a blessing here. It is the lowest and highest temperature place on earth. Most people think of this place as ‘Hell on Earth’. Again, many call it the ‘gate of hell’.

Lake Afrera

Geologists believe that the main geographical change in the region was due to the shifting of tectonic plates from the time when Africa was separated from Asia. There are several lakes in this desert that are formed by lava flows. These lava lakes sparkle…Which also illuminates the night sky. This is a wonderful scene.

Here is Lake Afrera, which has thick saline crusts on its shores. This region flows eastward through the Danakil Alps. There is a salt mine 800 meters deep in the plain area. There is also the 116 meter deep lake ‘Assall’. There is also an 80 meter deep lake ‘Afrera’. The active volcanoes include Marho, Dabbu, Afdar and Erta Ale in Afar.

Being one of the most rugged climates in the world, no plants or animals can be seen here. Only a few thorny acacia trees can be seen in the middle of the hill. If you go here, it will feel like it is a place outside the green world. The environment here is terribly depressing. Here the bubbles rise in the lava ponds, the heat of various colors and the expanse of the salt field are dazzling. There are also warm springs here. Water jumped high from these springs.

People of Hottest place on earth

Surprisingly, people live here even in such hostile weather. The inhabitants of this region are called ‘Afar’. They have been living in the Danakil Desert for thousands of years. Most of these offers are nomadic. And they are followers of Islam. Their main occupation is to collect salt and sell it in the market. They work in the salt mines here.


It takes them at least two days to reach the nearest town by camels carrying salt. In addition to collecting salt, they also raise livestock. This hostile climate in Danakil has taught them how to cope with adversity.

Such an extremely hostile place is like a paradise for adventure lovers. It attracts adventurous tourists from all over the world. Although traveling here is quite risky. So going to this desert without a local experienced guide is completely forbidden.

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