Princess Sheikha Latifa escape story

The latest photo of princess-sheikha-latifa, daughter of UAE Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, was a selfie before she went missing. They were fleeing Dubai to Oman. While taking a selfie in the car of Tina Jauhiainen, a Finnish national and Latifa’s close friend. Their plan was to travel to Oman then to India. Their plan was then to fly to the United State to seek political asylum.

There is still a long way to go. But Latifa believed she could easily escape. When they crossed the UAE border and entered Oman, they had a sense of adventure. Two young women are fleeing the country in a drive-thru. Perhaps the UAE police force is scouring the country in search of them – there is a very cinematic feel to the matter.

While Latifa was taking selfies, Tina jokingly compared herself to ‘Thelma & Louise’. The two main female characters in that 1991 Hollywood film. Film was directed by Ridley Scott, travel all over America in cars, committing one crime after another, evading the law. Latifa, however, immediately protested after hearing Tina’s comparison. This was the first time after leaving the house that his chest trembled with fear. The outcome of the movie Thelma & Louise was not good for the two heroines.

Tina’s comparison and Latifa’s fears were not very unfounded. They did not have to face the same fate as Thelma & Louise. But their campaign did not succeed in the end. They disappeared near India long before they reached America. None of their long escape plans escape attempts, and disappearances were any less dramatic than Thelma & Louise.

About Sheikha Latifa

Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed was born in 1985 in the royal Al-Maktoum family in the United Arab Emirates. His father, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, is currently the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and the Emir of Dubai, the country’s most important state. Sheikh Mohammad is known to have had a total of six marriages at different times, although only two of them are more prominent. Latifa’s mother, Hurriya Ahmed al-M’aash, an Algerian citizen, is one of the lesser-known wives of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid. Out of Sheikh Mohammad’s 30 children, a total of four children were born in Hurriya’s house, of which Latifa was the third.

Princess Latifa has grown up in rich since childhood. Their family is one of the richest families in the world. Her father, Sheikh Mohammed, has an estimated net worth of 16 billion Euros. Latifa lived in the huge royal palace in Dubai, with 40 rooms in four wings reserved for various female members of the family. Inside the palace there was a swimming pool, spa, athletic compound and all kinds of luxuries. Hundreds of housemaids were employed in the palace to serve the women of the family. But Latifa claimed that it was all sham, a stunt. She claims that she was practically a prisoner for the last 18 years! Latifa who studied through English, was a skilled sky diver. In a viral video all things was expressed the inside of huge royal palace in Dubai.

Sheikha Latifa captive life

When her older sister Shamsa escaped from their English palace Latifa’s captive life started. At the time, they and their family were living in England, where Sheikh Mohammed owns about 5,000 acres of land and a palace worth 75 million Euros. Despite tight security, 19-year-old Shamsa was able to escape from home. But within a few days, Sheikh Mohammad’s hired private detectives found her and took her back to the country.

From then on, Shamsa’s captive life began, as well as Latifa’s life became very difficult. But two years later, when 16-year-old Latifa herself was caught at the border for the first time while fleeing her home, she was virtually taken prisoner. According to Latifa, she and Shamsa were regularly physically abused at the time, kept under house arrest and drugged by nurses. She spent three long years in captivity.

Latifa’s escape plan

Latifa had been planning to flee for the second time since 2011. Learning from past experience, she planned very carefully and with time. She first contacted Hervé Jaubert, a former French businessman and former Navy officer.

Jaubert did not believe Latifa at first. The daughter of the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates is seeking help to escape – it’s hard to believe. Jaubert thought it was a conspiracy to trap him. But after a long search, he realizes that Latifa is telling the truth. As a result he started communicating with her in regular emails, giving her different insights. At Jaubert suggestion, Latifa kept saving money in preparation for the escape.

Tina Jauhiainen in Latifa’s escape plan

Tina Jauhiainen, a Finnish national, joined Latifa’s escape plan in 2014. Gradually her deep friendship with Latifa was established and she became Latifa’s constant companion in all activities including sky diving and shopping. At one point Latifa told her about her escape plan and asked for her help. On behalf of Latifa, Tina also met Jaubert more than once.

Latifa’s training

In preparation for the escape, Tina began training Latifa in various subjects, including swimming, scuba diving, and jet skiing. Their plan was finalized in early 2018. Their plan was to cross the border in a Tina’s car and go to Oman, first by evading Latifa’s driver. From there they can take a jet ski across the seas of Oman. Then go to India and from there take a plane straight to America. Then she will try to take her elder sister Shamsa to America.

As part of the plan, Latifa and Tina began to develop the habit of having breakfast together every morning. When Latifa’s driver got used to the matter, on February 24, Latifa went to have breakfast with Tina without any suspicion in the driver’s mind. But as soon as she got there, she changed her clothes and went out with her, hiding in the boots of Tina’s car with sunglasses in her eyes. Going to a safe distance, she got out of the boot and sat next to Tina. Then the two of them crossed the border of Oman according to the plan and got on the yacht of Jaubert.

Everything was going according to plan. The yacht was running towards India. Hervé Jaubert was contacting an Indian journalist so that they could catch an American plane from India without any hassle. But they had no idea that the UAE’s skilled mercenary hackers, who could hack into the Qatari emir’s iPhone, had tracked their phones and traced their whereabouts, and captured the Indian government, which had forged political alliances with the UAE.

Sheikha Latifa in india

On March 4, when Latifa’s yacht was 30 miles from the Indian seaport of Goa, the Indian Coast Guard slowly began to surround them. At around 10 pm, six to eight Indian commandos attacked the yacht in two speedboats. They fired shots at the yacht and threw smoke grenades then got on the yacht, tied up the crew and beat them.

In a short time, at least ten Emirati soldiers arrived by helicopter. Despite Latifa’s strong objections and repeated requests for asylum from the Indian Coast Guard, she was picked up by helicopter. Tina, Jaubert and other crew were taken by yacht to the Naval Base of the UAE under the protection of the Indian Coast Guard.

Daily Mail first published Latifa escape story

Since boarding the yacht, Latifa has been trying to reach out to reporters, as if they were covering the news when she was in danger. But the story of the daughter of the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates fleeing to India by sea via Oman was so dramatic that she could not convince any journalist. The incident of her escape and abduction therefore remained unknown to the world for four days. On March 9, the British tabloid Daily Mail first published the news of her abduction.

Sheikha Latifa latest video

Although Latifa was optimistic that she would be able to escape safely, a small apprehension remained in her mind until the end. So a few days before the escape, she sat at her girlfriend Tina’s house and recorded a 39-minutes video in which she described the entire context of her escape in fluent English. The video was released on the Internet on March 11, a week after her abduction. Soon after, the UAE authorities released Tina, Jaubert and other crew members. But Latifa’s news remained unknown to the world.

Sheikha (Princess) Latifa Al Maktoum

Latifa’s news remained unknown

News of the abduction of an ordinary journalist or human rights activist, or of an ordinary person from a different country, often causes a great deal of controversy. But whether it was because of the power of the ruling class in the UAE, or for any other reason, there was no stir except for the routine statements of some human rights organizations about Latifa’s news. About eight months later, on December 6, the BBC aired a two-episode documentary about the incident, entitled Escape from Dubai: The Mystery of the Missing Princess.

BBC News
Statement of Sheikh Mohammed’s office

For the first time since the documentary was aired, a statement was issued quoting Sheikh Mohammed’s office. There, it is claimed, Princess Latifa and Princess Shamsa are both staying with their families and both are doing well. The statement also claimed that Princess Latifa’s temporary disappearance was a plot by former French spy Hervé Jaubert and his associates, who demanded a 100 million ransom for Latifa’s release.

Sheikha Latifa and Mary Robinson

Shortly afterwards, Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and former High Commissioner to the United Nations Human Rights Council, visited Dubai at the invitation of Sheikh Mohammed and his second wife, First Lady Haya bint Hussein. Sheikh Mohammed’s wife is the daughter of Hussein, the former King of Jordan, with whom Mary Robinson already had a close relationship due to her long stay in Ireland.

Mary Robinson claimed that Princess Latifa was basically suffering from mental problems

Coming back from that tour, Mary Robinson claimed that Princess Latifa was basically suffering from mental problems. But now she is receiving regular treatment. And she is recovering. She added that Princess Latifa now regrets to read and record the false statements written by others about her family. At the same time, UAE authorities released three photos showing Princess Latifa sitting at the dining table next to Mary Robinson.

But even though Mary Robinson is seen smiling in the pictures, Princess Latifa’s dirty face is easily caught trying to avoid the camera’s gaze. The picture shows the truth of her statement recorded before fleeing.

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