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Egg is one of the good food we know. The nutritional value of eggs is much higher than other foods. An egg meets many needs of the human body. Eggs have so many good qualities as well as some harmful aspects. This blog article discusses some of the harmful effects of egg.

More than three eggs a week, the risk of heart disease 

Egg-Harmful-Effects- Experts have been debating for a long time, whether eating eggs is good for health. After the publication of a new research report in the United States, the discussion began again. A survey report published by the medical journal JMAA – It says that only two eggs per day can lead to cardiovascular disease and early death increases the risk.

Egg factor

Egg-Harmful-Effects- It is said, the cause of concern is that large quantities of cholesterol are stored in egg yolk. It has 185 milligrams of cholesterol in a large size egg. According to the World Health Organization, humans should not have cholesterol more than three hundred milligrams of food a day. However, more than half of the cholesterol has a single egg.

Egg factor
Egg factor

In this survey, 6 data tests have been used – which is collected from 30,000 participants for 17 years. Researchers concluded that taking three milligrams of cholesterol in the day of food increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by 17 percent, and the probability of premature death increases by 18 percent.

According to the survey, there is no relation between health problems such as age, fitness level, tobacco use, or high blood pressure, with this relationship of egg with heart disease or premature death.

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