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Expensive foods- If you heard the name of Jafaran (Saffron), it must also know that it is one of the most expensive spices in the world. The price of pounds per ounce is more than the price of gold. For this reason, Jafaran’s name is “Red Gold.”

What is the expensive food or food items? Why are they so much?

Jafaran the most expensive spices

If your rice is spread in a yellow color, then it should be understood that it was scattered on it.

Saffron is actually the flower of a flower. It is basically used in food to color.

If you compare weight, it is definitely more expensive than gold. Why is the price of jafaran (Saffron) so much?

The reason is very simple. The saffron is collected from the flower, which is only for one week, in the beginning of autumn. There are only three pregnancies in a swelling. It is very careful to collect it with empty hands.

To collect one kilogram saffron, this flower has to be cultivated at least equal to two football fields. Or will need about three lakhs flowers.

Caviar marine fish eggs

Expensive foods- Caviar is actually a type of marine fish eggs. These eggs are absorbed in salted water and chutney. The world’s most delicious food is considered to be one.

Expensive foods Caviar
Expensive food Caviar

The caviar collection and packet packing are very difficult to market. But caviar is very rare, but it is very rare.

The most famous caviar comes from the beluga sturgeon fish. This fish is available only in the Caspian Sea and on the Black Sea.

But this fish is now almost endangered. Very few fish eggs are now legally bought and sold.

Beluga caviar takes about 20 years to mature. Then only this fish can lay eggs. But it is possible to collect its eggs only by killing this fish.

Albino sturgeon fish eggs are even rarer. It’s now extinct.

As a Guinness Book of World Records, one kilograms of aluminum caviar cost $ 34,500 dollars.


Even though the mussels are now considered as a luxury meal, but it was not.

The mussels were very cheap at the beginning of the nineteenth century. It was one of the main food items of coastal area’s working people.


But due to excessive sewage accumulation and sea pollution, the number of mussels has decreased considerably. And consequently its price has increased.

Oyster is sold at different prices in different places of the world. But you have to spend at least 65 dollars to eat a dozen oysters in any expensive restaurant in London.

Yet its worth is not decreasing. Many people think that the mussel has sexual power enhancing elements.

White truffle the world’s rarest fungi

Expensive foods- White truffle is one of the world’s rarest fungi. It is grown under the soil.

It is also only in the roots of some tree piedmont regions of Northern Italy.

White-truffle Expensive foods

There is a great scent in white truffle…and a very intense taste.

White truffle cannot be cultivated. It is from itself. Many tried to try to cultivate this truffle.

That’s why the price of white trophies is so much.

Stanley Ho, a Macau casino owner, spent a total of $ 300,000 in 2007 for a single white truffle. The weight of the trumpet was one and a half kg.

There is a great price for 1.5 kg of fungus grown under the soil. 

Iberico Ham the most expensive Iberian pigs

There is a saying. There are two different hams on earth. Ham and Iberico Ham

This special type of pork comes from Spain and Portugal from a certain area. Black Iberian pigs roam the oak tree forest.


This pig is used to survive the fruit of the oak tree. Iberian Ham comes from this pig.

For almost three years this pork was processed. Sometimes four years

As Guinness Book of World Records, one of the most expensive Iberian pigs was sold at a price of $ 4,880.

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