How to increase YouTube subscribers and views

It only takes a few minutes to open a new YouTube channel. But it takes a few years to make this channel a success. However, this time and success largely depends on the content and quality of the video.

How to increase the value of YouTube content and the number of subscribers

Since YouTube is completely free, many people start showing all their hobbies and creativity by opening a channel on YouTube. They think that a variety of creative videos will make their channel a success.

But they don’t know that uploading different types of content to the same channel does not make that channel a special category. As a result, success does not come very quickly. So you understand, the type of content is very important for success on YouTube. Simultaneously increase the number of subscribers as needed. As the number of subscribers increases, the views of the video will increase proportionately.

For those who are worried about the quality of the content and the number of subscribers, today’s article is for them. In today’s article we will discuss the types of YouTube content and some strategies to increase subscribers.

YouTube Content strategy and audience

Uploading any content on YouTube does not bring success. You just have to be more strategic with the specific ideas you render toward other people.


So if you still can’t develop specific content ideas for your YouTube channel, it’s very difficult for you to succeed. So set up unique content for your channel today, and create all content with a specific audience in mind.

Of course in the beginning you have to go through hard times. At first you will not get the expected visitors and subscribers. But it will not work if you lose patience at this time. Remember, you want to create a specific category of viewers who will knowingly subscribe to your channel, and will be interested in seeing all your updates. If you can get through the initial difficult situation, you will see the face of success very quickly. YouTube’s algorithm is arranged in such a way that a certain class of video suggestion is given to a certain class of viewers. So if you continue to work on specific topics, you will soon get a large number of like-minded listeners, the lion’s share of who will subscribe to your channel. Once the subscriber acquisition starts, it will continue to grow at a very fast compounding rate

Manage YouTube channel by specific content

I have already said that for success on YouTube, it is better to work on a specific topic in a channel. But there are many who open channels and upload different kinds of videos. If you’ve already uploaded a variety of videos to the same channel, remove unnecessary and incompatible videos with most of the channel’s videos now. You can privatize unnecessary videos if you want, or delete them completely from the channel. This will not affect your channel’s subscribers or SEO. Instead, it will increase the acceptance of your channel to new viewers. Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need.

To delete or privatize a video, open the YouTube page in your browser and right click on your channel’s profile. Enter the create studio from here. Once there, you’ll be taken to the channel’s dashboard. Click on the video manager on the left side of the dashboard. From here, you can edit the video you need and delete it privately or completely.

Enter the specific video edit option

Enter the specific video edit option to make the video private. Then you will see the public option just below the thumbnail. If you click on the arrow pointing below the public, you will get three options called public, unlisted and private. From here, select Private and click on the Save Changes option on the right side of the page. Your video will become private. After going to the video manager to delete the video, the video will be deleted by clicking on the arrow at the bottom of the specified video and selecting delete.

However, there is no need to delete old videos that have been viewed and commented on by many viewers and listeners. Because the SEO of your channel will be according to the work you are doing in a new way. So there is no need to delete previously successfully uploaded successful videos.

Strategies to increase YouTube subscribers

How to Increase Youtube Subscribers

There are various strategies to increase the number of subscribers on YouTube. However, the number of subscribers on YouTube can also be increased by using various features that come with a published video. For example: you can share the link of the channel subscription in the description of the video at the time of publication. Not just sharing subscription links, special links can be used to make sure you subscribe. If someone enters this link, YouTube will show them a special notification to confirm the instant subscription. To do this, first copy the channel link in the address bar. Then remove the View as Subscriber (? View_as = subscriber) section from the link and add the (? Sub_confirmation = 1) section. Not only in the description of the video but also share subscription link through a pin commented in the first comment box below the video.


You can also share subscription links to ‘End Screen & Annotations’ and Cards at the end of the video. This way you can increase the number of subscribers to the channel by using all the possible facilities that come with a video. But the best way to increase a channel’s subscribers is to patiently upload videos of the same category to a channel. If you work in this way, success will come one day.

3 Ways to Increase YouTube Subscribers and Views Using Twitter

With more than 321 million active users on the platform itself, the number of surprises on Twitter alone has increased over the past few years. Although each tweet may be limited to a maximum of 280 characters, the virality of Twitter is probably endless because its user base is the most active compared to other social media platforms.

Now, you might be wondering: “Why would we talk about the connection between Twitter and YouTube?” Well, here’s the thing: when used properly, Twitter can actually prove to be one of the most effective tools you can use to create more YouTube subscribers.

Twitter Follower – YouTube Subscriber Connection

It may not seem like it at first, but the viral factor on Twitter makes any YouTube content creator have a lot of potential to use, along with strategic plans to attract more viewers to their channel. Twitter followers, in particular, offer big benefits because they are twice as likely to convert to YouTube subscribers as opposed to any other type of social media follower. If you plan accordingly, this facility can get the only-impossible customer profit rate.


A few tips to turn your twitter followers into loyal YouTube subscribers

Of course, this may seem daunting at first, but converting your Twitter followers into long-term YouTube subscribers can be done easily with a few simple and effective tips. Here are some ways you can turn every Twitter follower into a trusted YouTube subscriber, making your channel the next big thing on the platform:

1. Use every opportunity to promote your channel in a subtle way – even posting your answers

while this may initially serve as a place where users can discuss a tweet in question, the thread content of the answers provides a window of opportunity to expand the reach of their YouTube channel.

Just like the way SoundCloud musicians are aggressively promoting their songs in a comment section, posting a link to your channel or latest video in the reply section of your most famous tweet is one of the best ways to get free advertising. By posting a little plug in response to your own trending tweets, you’re basically earning the most out of Twitter’s virality factor and instructing Fresh Eyes to click on the posted link and subscribe to your channel!

2. Add your channel link to your Twitter bio

At one point or another, your new and long-term subscribers will see your Twitter profile to catch any tweets they missed. This opens up the opportunity to advertise your YouTube channel once again! Placing a YouTube channel link in your Twitter bio is a great way to draw attention to your channel because it can pop up at the most convenient time when people want to know more about you and your content.

3. Use trending hashtags to facilitate your content

Hashtags are just like Facebook shares and Instagram posts. If you want to draw attention to your videos and YouTube channels in the fastest and most effective way, it’s always a good idea to add trending hashtags to any link to your relevant videos!

If you want to give your YouTube channel an extra much needed impetus to reach a greater degree of relevance by doing nothing more than intelligent and sharp eye for social media, Twitter is a tool that should be in your arsenal. With the right tips in mind, as given above, your Twitter account could eventually become your YouTube channel’s subscriber and video view generating machine!

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