Life vs death interrelationship

After a certain age, some changes come in life. The knowledge available from the environment plays a helpful role in finding an infallible relationship between life and death. Many theories come to the fore in the search for life vs death interrelationship. Human society raises a special question in this regard; That is, what will be our address after death? Different books have shed light on what will happen to us after death in different ways. But from nature we can gain some secret knowledge in this regard.

Life vs death secret knowledge

When we realize life in the dark, life is dark there. Life is bright in a bright place. The perception of life and death is different in different places.

When we look at a tree in nature, we see that some of the leaves have sprouted and some of the leaves are drying up. In the same way, life comes with something new and death comes with something new to make it old. We learn to understand deeply from nature, why we are born and why we die. In nature, when we reach a certain age, our knowledge of birth and death comes to our perception through different experiences. Deep meditation is required to acquire secret knowledge from nature.

…to be continued

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