The second wave of COVID-19 in India

Coronavirus has spread all over the world in its horrible form. The virus has been rampant in Europe and America for the past one year. Despite improved health care, millions of people have already died from the disease in developed countries due to unawareness of unknown diseases. In addition to Europe and America, the Covid-19 virus has now spread to several poor countries in South Asia, including India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The second wave of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is going on in India. It has spread from state to state with new powerful variants.

Irregularities in the health sector, mismanagement, unawareness of the people, etc. are responsible for this horrific form of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in every state of India.

Crowds of corpses are growing in India’s crematoriums. Every day thousands of people are dying from the corona virus.

Hospitals in India do not have adequate medical facilities for COVID patients. There is a lack of oxygen in every hospital. Many patients are dying on the streets due to lack of treatment.

New variant Coronavirus in India

A type of new coronavirus identified in India is now being tested by scientists around the world. It is not yet known how this new strain of coronavirus has spread around the world. Scientists are trying to figure out how much the newly identified coronavirus is responsible for the horrific ‘second wave’ of infection that is now raging in India.

Basically, any virus constantly mutates and changes itself. As a result, different types of the same virus can be seen to be created.

In most cases, there is little to worry about, as many of the newly created variants have been shown to be weaker and less harmful than the original virus.

But some variants appear to be more contagious again. It is difficult to prevent these variants through vaccination.

India variant of coronavirus: scientifically named B.1.617 – first identified in India in October.

It is still not possible in India to test samples to get an accurate idea of how fast and how far the new strain of the virus has spread in India.

In the western state of Maharashtra, from January to March, 361 samples were tested and 220 of the new strains were identified.

Scientists have not yet determined whether the coronavirus, first detected in India, infects faster than others, or whether the vaccine is effective against it.

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