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Hunger and Health Drifting The Crowd Toward Meat Substitute Products

Meat substitute refers to those plant-based products. Valuing the importance of increasing health consciousness among people, most of the meat-producing companies are marching toward meat substitute products. America’s famous Taco Bell has introduced vegetarian meat which is certified by the America Vegetarian Association (AVA). Moreover, Dunkin partnered with Beyond Meat to produce plant-based meat substitution. Nestle is expected to launch its plant-based burger, which will taste like beef. Phuture foods would introduce foodstuffs to mimic the characters and texture of Pork. According to a report by Allied Market Research, the global meat substitute market size is projected to value at $7.5 billion by 2025, registering a CAGR of 7.7% from 2018 to 2025.

Taco Bell introduces vegetarian meat in the U.S

Taco Bell, an American chain of fast-food restaurants company, has introduced a plant-based meat substitute, across 15 Spanish provinces in 53 stores. The AVA has certified the product, which is manufactured by Gold & Green foods, in Helsinki, Finland. The substitute is made by various ingredients including oats, beans, and peas. The vegetarian menu of the company has piqued interest of every Spanish restaurant in the U.S chain. It’s the first time that Taco Bell has introduced a vegetarian substitute in the market. Earlier, during the national vegetarian week in May, Taco Bell introduced its limited-edition vegan-friendly tacos at three of its stores in London.

Dunkin and Beyond Meat to co-operatively produce meat substitute

Dunkin, America’s coffee company and quick service restaurants, and Beyond Meat cooperatively developing a meat substitute, a sausage on sandwiches for breakfast in New York. Beyond Meat is known for its plant-based protein products, including meat substitutes. Dunkin is the latest food chain to sell meat substitutes. The breakfast sandwiches will be sold in selected locations across Manhattan. Since people have become more health conscious, the plant-based substitutes have become norm. Thus, as mostly people consume food during morning, therefore, the fast-food markets have upright growth during morning time, and increasing healthy food products for breakfast will increase productivity.

Nestle launches plant-based burger that taste like beef

A plant-based product named Awesome Burger to be launched by Nestle in the U.S. The product will be manufactured by Sweet Earth, a California-based brand, acquired by Nestle in 2017. Sweet Earth has manufactured products such as Benevolent Bacon and several traditional veggie burgers that cannot be considered as a meat substitute. But the company realized to develop something for people to accept more plant-based diets. According to co-founder Kelly Swette, since the customer becomes more mainstream, the next evolution of the burger should be meat-like. The burger will be designed to taste like beef more than plants. The product gets frizzled like the real one, while grilled. Furthermore, she added that they have got a good chew, and it is very juicy along with a meaty texture. Also, the texture transforms as you cook it.

The ingredients used to design the recipe were selected to have more protein as compared to the beef. High protein carrying yellow peas and wheat for juicy texture is the main part of the recipe. The burger carries 6 grams of fiber and 28 grams of protein, which is doubtful in a beef burger. Moreover, it is high in iron and vitamin C, without any cholesterol or trans-fat. It avoids the antibiotics that are used in meat production. Nestle has recently launched a similar plant-based burger as ‘Incredible Burger’ in Germany, which is now sold at McDonald’s.

Apart from Nestle, there are several other companies taking interest in plant-based products. Tyson foods, one of the major meats producing company is planning to launch plant-based products. Moreover, JBS, the world’s largest meat producing company, is introducing another plant-based burger in Brazil.

Plant-based pork substitution to be produced by Phuture foods

Phuture foods are designing a plant-based pork substitute to mimic the taste and texture of pork by using plants ingredients including wheat, shiitake mushrooms, and mung beans. A Hong Kong-based angel investor (informal investor) is supporting the company with online sales before supermarket sales. Phuture is valuing sustainability over any other things, as it is the most important issue related to the products. It targets to hit at lower prices than conventional pork products, to make lure more customers.

Increasing health issues due to meat consumption is rising among people. Since meat is rich in protein, avoiding consuming meat may lead to a lack of protein. Therefore, producing a Plant-based meat substitute with the same texture and taste, and with the same amount of nutrients will be beneficial and healthy. The increasing health concerns among the people due to unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits drive growth in meat substitute market. The innovations in the production of meat substitute to provide more varieties of food items are estimated to provide good opportunities to the market.

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