New human species discovered in Philippines

There is found a new species as like Homo sapiens in Philippines cave named Homo luzonensis species. Scientists have claimed that new human species have been found. They said they found a species extinct in the Philippines, called Homo luzonensis. Before these, scientists have found some species fossil from different places in the world.

Researchers say that there is a mixture of current species and absolutely native species in the bone of this human species. It is speculated that in ancient time’s people from Africa went to South-East Asia…Which did not seem to be possible before. .

Homo sapiens

The modern identity of the human being is – Homo sapiens. Any living or extinct species of Homo people of the Hominini tribe, Family: Hominidae, who are the best of intelligence, can express their sense of goodness with the help of languages ​​created by rhetoric and can stand straight on the ground. They can collect foods from the nature of their own lifestyles as required by their own intelligence and can create various materials from the products. It can present a variety of abstract ideas for entertaining by a well-thought-out mind.

Man is social being. They are singly weak in nature, but collectively they are very strong. Due to their intelligence and group unity, they have been able to dominate all the creatures.

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Ethnic identity and evolution

It is estimated that about three and a half million years ago Homo sapiens in the homo tribe of the Hominidae belonging to the primary class had appeared in Jebel Irhoud of Morocco in Africa. Note that earlier it was thought that in the Ethiopian region two hundred thousand years ago, the origins of humans were originated.

The scientific name of modern man is Homo sapiens. Latin sapiens means the wise people. The main difference of the species from the previous species of Homo is – its intelligence. Even if there is a brain measuring scale (1700 cc) with neanderthalensis (Homo neanderthalensis), Homo sapiens is far ahead of intellectual justice.

Homo luzonensis species like Homo sapiens

According to a report published in the Journal ‘Nature’, 67,000 years ago Homo luzonensis species found in the Callao Cave in the Philippines. Homo luzonensis has many similarities with modern human Homo sapiens. At the same time, 20 to 40 million years ago they have similarities with monkeys.

Researchers found the remains of the Philippines Luzon biggest island. These were recovered from the cave since 2007. At least 13 remains were found bones of teeth, hands, legs. They’ve called the new species ‘Homo luzonensis’, after the biggest island in the Philippines “Luzon Island” where it was found.

Professor Chris Stringer of the Natural History Museum in London said, “After the discovery of homo floresiensis in 2004, I said that similar findings in other parts of the country would be found. And it was just 3,000 kilometers away at Luzon Island.

The new species raises multiple mysterious questions, including who were its ancestors and how did it come, how they lived?

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