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As soon as you hear the name Sanai Mahbob, a viral video comes to the fore.  She is a Bangladeshi model and actress. Controversial Sanai’s social media videos came to the fore in the people of Bangladesh and the controversy started with her. Sanayee Mahbob is a name that is searched millions of times every day in YouTube and other search engines.

The name Sanayee Mahbob is a viral one on social media as like tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, etc. People from all over the world, including Bangladesh, stumble upon the search engine every day to watch the secret video of the girl. That’s why Sanayee is a viral name today.

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Sanai Malayalam movie

Sanai is a popular name in the virtual world. Although she started her career with modeling, she has already made a name for herself in films. She has acted in several movies. The actress has acted in Malayalam movies in India for the first time.

In this regard, Sanai said, the name of the Malayalam film is ‘Brahmankrishna‘. Sanai has danced to the item song in this film. She said in this context, ‘I have performed an item song in it. The song is sung by Indian singer Mahalakshmi Iyer. In the song, I can be seen dancing in a snake house in an old house. ‘Malayalam hero Upendrakishore will be seen opposite her in some scenes.

Actress Sanai Mahbub has already gone viral by spreading amateur and offensive videos on social media. She also came up with various offensive remarks on various TV channels and live shows. Police had been arrested actress Sanai Mahbub Supravha on charges of spreading amateur and irrelevant videos on the internet though.

Coming live, she said, ‘This afternoon I came to give everyone a special massage. I did not use my critiques for any specific purpose or financial gain. Coming to the Cyber ​​Crime Unit, I have come to realize that any class of people, especially children under the age of 18, can be harmed. So it was definitely my fault. As a citizen of this country, I want to be a good artist by following the laws of this country (Bangladesh) for the development of healthy culture of this country. Sorry for the embarrassing pictures or videos I have done privately or collectively before. ‘

Sanai Mahbob viral word

Many also think that she is spreading the virus in the name of being viral. When Sanai was asked about this, she said, ‘Anyone cannot go viral if they want to. Apart from the established ones, there are 3-4 thousand models in Bangladesh. They can’t be viral if they want to. People make people viral. Anyone who is interested in people is viral. Everyone is interested in me because of my beauty and courage. ‘

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