How to Choose the Right Anti-Pollution Mask?

Every major city in the country is facing an increase in air pollutants every year. The Air Quality Index keeps dropping from bad to poor to worse during winters. To put the idea of AQI in perspective: 0 to 50 is considered ‘good,’ 101 to 200 is ‘moderate,’ 201 to 300 is ‘poor,’ and 301 to 300 is considered ‘very poor.’

You can improve indoor air quality; however, the only protection from outdoor air pollution is an anti-pollution N95 mask.

Anti Pollution Masks are becoming a necessity in protecting yourself from hazardous pollutants. However, the number of options in the market can overwhelm you.

Here is a guide that will help you in choosing the right type of anti-pollution mask.

Points to consider while choosing an anti-pollution mask

Here are a few fundamental points to consider before you pick anti-pollution:-

Finding the right fit

Finding the right size mask is crucial for the anti-pollution mask to work. The mask should fit perfectly on the face leaving no gaps on the side for air passage. If your mask has gaps, it doesn’t make sense to wear it at all. When looking for an anti-pollution mask, ensure that they fit perfectly over your face, nose, and chins. The presence of an adjustable nose clip prevents the formation of fog on specks.

Exhalation valves

Your anti-pollution mask should be breathable, especially if you will be wearing them for a long time. Ventilation reduces fogging and damp masks. Masks are available without such vents or have one or two vents. Look for masks that have at least one CO2 outlet.


One of the other determining factors is the re-usability of your anti-pollution mask. Use and throw masks will be heavy on your pocket and aren’t environment friendly. Try to avoid increasing waste by investing in quality masks that can be washed and reused.

Investigate the Effectiveness of The Mask

There are a variety of masks available in the market that offer protection from different types of pollutants. You will see masks offering protection from N95, N99, N100, P95, or P100 pollutants. The higher the filtering capacity, the better will be the protection provided by the mask. There are a few masks that come with carbon filters. The carbon filters are effective against chemicals, odors, bacteria, and viruses.

Filter replace-ability

Masks come with both replaceable and non-replaceable filters. But which mask should you buy?

Masks with replaceable filters allow you to remove, wash, and change filters. If you are a cyclist, your mask will accumulate more dust compared to others. You will need to clean and replace masks often. However, the only downside is that filter doesn’t cover the full mask.

In contrast, non replaceable filter masks cover the full area. However, they can’t be washes. You can only clean them with a wet cloth to remove dust. Also, if you wet the filter more than required, it will become ineffective. A replaceable filter mask is the best choice.

Take care of your mask

Washable or not, store your mask in a clean pouch rather than in the back of your bag. Regularly replace either the mask or the filters.

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