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How to write SEO friendly article on a blog or niche site?

You can write content on a blog or niche site yourself or with someone else. From my personal experience, it is better to write the content of your own site, even if it is difficult. Because of this, many details about SEO can be known. There are many things to keep in mind when you write content for your blog or niche site which I will discuss in detail.

What is content?

Content is the description of any educative topic or product in detail. This content will not be significant if it is not visitors’ friendly. So we need to know first what is content. How to write visitors friendly content?

Content is any informative discussion of a keyword through which you can give visitors a good informative discussion as gift.

Examples of a visitor-friendly educative content; Keywords- “Dog breeds”…Whether you are targeting visitors for keywords or a small business owner who wants to keep it to himself. Now for the content you must discuss the definition and origin of breeds. Through which the visitors can acquire accurate information.

On the other hand, when you discuss a product, your target visitors will be the readers who want to know or buy about that product. For example; Keywords – “Dog food”; the website that a reader wants to buy “Dog food”must have the features / model number / advantages / disadvantages / user feedback / price of the “Dog food” so that the visitors can easily look at it and make a decision.

In general, reader-friendly writing is an ideal and traffic-friendly content.

Tips for writing content on a blog or niche site

Tips for writing content – First, you must research the category keywords, and then select ten infinite sub-set keywords from it. You must research all the keywords and find out the search volume of each one. According to SEO experts, it is better to have a search volume between 800 and 2500. You will see all the tools that you will use in the case of keyword research from Keyword Research.

How many word content should I write? This question is common, how many words to write the content? Needless to say, what do you really want to work on? Blog or niche site? Amazon site or target Google Adsense? Or do you want to do both at one site? Many questions came together and I will tell the details one by one.

1. What will be the length of the content?

SEO friendly article- According to experts, the content must be between 1000 and 1200 words, but you must look at the content length of your competitors. For example, if your competitor content is 1000 words long, then your content must be between 1100 and 1200 words because there is a ranking factor involved and the content is called the king of SEO. The same formula is usually used in content blogs or niches.

2. Amazon site or blog site?

Whichever of these two you do, you have to do almost the same thing. You want to write content for Amazon or a blog site, but of course your competitor will see the content of the word content. You must enter more word content than this. Must use sub headings and bullet points. Use h1 and h2 headings. Of course you have to give the beginning of the content dazzling headings. For example if you have a niche site, suppose my product name is “Activity Trackers”. Now for this you have to give a heading so that it is dazzling or clickable. E.g. – Why Activity Trackers is the best in the market? Put this word in the h1 heading and the rest of the words you give in the form of subheadings and bullet points.

Keyword density in content

SEO friendly article- The ideal keyword ratio is 0.5%, which is a maximum of 5 times in 1000 word content. And if you want, you can use the LSI keyword, which you can Google the results at the bottom or the search box suggested results from the results. You can also get LSI keywords from

To get your content ready to be published but the work is not over yet; you can test the plagiarism of your content. Because of this plagiarism or duplicate content you can eat Google penalty.

Finding potential sources of traffic:

Web traffic is the audience of your blog. Your blog will only make money when someone clicks on an ad that is there. Visitors are the gold mines to which you are going to sell your product or service. And this web traffic is the lifeblood of your blog. In order to make money, you need to attract visitors to your blog. You need to understand from which source you can draw readers to your blog. When you get traffic from a search engine like Google, it is called ‘organic’ traffic. It is available for free.

On the other hand, if you run paid campaigns or ads on Google or social media to attract visitors to your blog, it is covered by paid traffic. The cost of promoting on Google or Facebook depends on the competition for the specific keyword / phrase for which you want to attract visitors from Google or Facebook. You can choose organic or paid sources based on your blog business plan.

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