Sanayee Mahboob- before and after Breast surgery

Sanayee Mahboob is the featured model and actress of the time in Bangladesh. Although she started her career with modeling, Sanai has already made a name for herself in films. She has been the subject of controversy at various times since the beginning of her career. Besides acting, Sanayee is quite vocal on social media. She shares her pictures almost every day. Sanai was also summoned for questioning by the cyber security and crime prevention unit of the DMP’s cyber security and crime unit for allegedly spreading amateur and irrelevant videos on the internet. She was released on bond not to post open videos.

Sanayee is quite angry with the criticism about her activities from others. She was vocal about this several times. Sanayee came to the discussion by posting a new picture on her Facebook. She shared a picture of her bedroom with captions. She expressed her anger there.

Criticized and discussed model and actress Suprova Mahboob Sanayee– The actress came to the center of discussion on various issues. Sanayee shared her previous and next photos through social media.

She has spent BDT 35 lakh in Thailand to make herself more attractive. As a result, the size of the vital organs of the body has increased. And with this there was a commotion all around. After doing Breast implants she draws the huge attention of media. She is the talk of the country for her live videos.

Sanayee Mahboob Exclusive interview

Sanayee Exclusive interview

Sanayee Mahbob

Although Sanai was born in Dhanmondi, Dhaka, her ancestral home is in Nilphamari. She was in Rangpur for some time to study. Her parents are high-ranking private officials. Sanai now lives permanently in Dhaka.

Sanayee Mahbob films

She was contracted to act in about 6 films including Supta Agun, Sahasi Jodha, Moyna Itikatha, Pratishodh, Pratiksha.

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